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Alexis Brown  Art n' stuff 16 y/o

look into her eyes
their stoplight glow
yells "NO"
this is not optional

I originally wasn't going to post this because it's just a doodle, but then a rainbow fell across my page and when you are chosen by a rainbow, let me tell you, you don't simply ignore it.

Ma boi 2D from @gorillaz. If you haven't listened to their latest release "Humanz" yet I would definitely recommend it. My friend @thepretentiouscinephile did a great review of that album too so check it out if you get the chance.

A quick watercolour Josh portrait. 👽

More blackout poetry! (I promise I'll post actual art soon) ~
"The sky was eternal, black and silent. He woke just before dawn. His eyes were deep and white. They had been black, now they were white. At night he hides. Every morning he watches the sky turn blue. He watches day arrive. "

Inspired by Graffiti Dreams- Judah and the Lion

"His heart still feels vacant. He finds a dark corner and sits down. He pulls his knees to his chest. Thirty minutes later he hasn't moved. He is still breathing. He stands. It hurts, every moment hurts. "

My first attempt at blackout poetry. It's way more difficult than it seems but it's also really fun. I'll probably do more soon.

Melting clown inspired by PJ Liguori's character Wiggles the Clown. I did this one in oil pastel which is not my usual medium but I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm so glad I got to be a part of this piece! It turned out really well. My square is 3rd row, 3rd column. @cagetheelephant @mynameisbabyblue
Reposted from @cage.the.art

@mynameisbabyblue at the #grammys looking incredibly stylish.

Treble Clef ring🎶
This one's for you @t_moffat . Enjoy it. I'm not planning on loosing anymore bets anytime soon. 😉

Inspired by the music video for Cold Cold Cold by @cagetheelephant

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