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ANNIE ANDREWS ☽  I'm just here to create something meaningful. β–΄yoga teacher β–΄ux/ui designer β–΄creative endeavors β–΄Denver based πŸ€™πŸΌ

according to my phone fall doesn't start until precisely 2:02pm. So please proceed with summer activities and abstain from the apple cider & pumpkin spice til then. Mmmkay? Greaaat πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‚
πŸ“·@michael_rasmus .
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It's still in the 80s here.
This is my first time experiencing the changing summer season in a much slower progression, and I gotta say I don't mind waiting a little longer to get into the fall swing. Sure I've bought my pumpkin flavored coffee grounds, moved my warmer sweaters to the top of the pile, and look forward to all the fall time activities but I'm enjoying these (perhaps) last few days of real summery vibes. Current mood: tanning and reading. βœŒπŸΌβ˜€οΈ

Oh hey there πŸ™‹πŸΌ I haven't had many words to say lately, I'm just over here going into my last month of school work trying to stay afloat. Busy busy 🐝.

the sun will rise and we will try again β˜€οΈ
pc @michael_rasmus

Go be that strong and powerful version of you today πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Life has been so busy lately that time spent on my mat has been mostly to find release and breathe, not so much to challenge and push. And to be honest, I don't really mind this switch up in my routine. It feels like I've been waiting for this time to come, and I'm so ready for it. So while I haven't been doing as many handstands, prioritizing taking new photos, or working deep stretches like over splits and sugar cane, my yoga journey is still very alive in a refreshingly beautiful way. I've been practicing in the morning, walking up to moving my body instead of putting my eyes to my phone. I've been taking breaks from my desk to center, reconnect, and ring out tension.
Oh, life's ebbs and flows. 🌊

t h o u g h t s πŸ’­ // MAN it's gonna be a crazy next month. Anyone else got that feeling? Breathing to stay grounded and present and not let myself get ahead or behind where I currently am at this moment. When I get ahead of myself, anxiety kicks in and I start worrying about things that aren't even here, not even real yet. Things that might end up being VERY different than how I think they're going to be. I just know to do my best, try my hardest, be grateful, and live out today. πŸ’―

open up + let that sun shine in
✨ pic by @michael_rasmus

Ego says: "once everything falls into place, I will find peace."
Spirit says: "once you find peace, everything will fall into place." ✨

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