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Hey guys check out my blog post on the most common cause of death in western countries.❤️💉 Here you will find tips that will help you prevent it! Click the link in my bio! I would be happy to get some feedback from you! Enjoy your Sunday night! 😊

Take your workout outside before winter hits! 🚴‍♀️ ❄️☃️stairs can be great when it comes to staying fit. Happy Saturday everybody!! ✌️😊

This way to the beach! 💪😎🌴
Since summer season comes to an end make sure to fuel your body with nutritious foods to avoid catching a cold in the chillier fall weather! 🍂🍁My personal favorite “weapon” is drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice after getting up in the mornings! 🍋
What do you do to avoid getting sick❓#fallseason #dontgetsick

I like to #focus but most importantly have fun while working out! 😁💪
It is not important what kind of sports you are doing as long as you do it consistently. #Consistency in sports is key for results and comes with many health benefits like:
1. Cardiovascular disease risk ⬇️
2. Diabetes type 2 risk⬇️
3. Osteoporosis risk ⬇️
4. Metabolic syndrome risk ⬇️ 5. Depression risk ⬇️
6. Energy level ⬆️⬆️⬆️
7. Improved body composition
The easiest way to adhere to a workout schedule is by planning it into your daily routine on a few days per week & having a workout buddy!! 🏋️‍♀️🏋️ #calisthenics #diamondpushups

Did you know that there is a positive correlation between workout intensity and the so called EPOC ( Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption ) often also called afterburn effect? 🔥🔥🔥 For that reason you should perform exercises with high intensity to keep burning plenty of calories for up to 72 hours after your workout even when you rest!👍 #epoc #hiit #beachfun

Yesterday I asked you what your workout goals are. Most of you chose fat loss over building muscle! When it comes to fat loss remember that building muscle and fat loss go hand in hand. 🏋️🔥The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn in a day, even when you rest! Make strength training a priority to reach your fat loss goals and supplement it with cardio workouts! Have fun! ✌️🚴‍♀️ #fatloss #weightloss #beachworkout #socal

Just hanging out in the park! 😜💪
Are you lacking grip strength❓
Many times ones grip strength is the limiting factor when performing exercises like pull-ups, rowing, deadlifts etc. A weak grip will limit your ability to perform these exercises effectively and to fatigue your back muscles to the point that they will grow stronger. A good exercise to improve grip strength is by simply hanging from a bar, both hands or one-handed depending on your strength level. Give it a try and hope you guys had an amazing weekend!! 💯😊 #pullups #calisthenics #gripstrenth #thefitdoctor

When it comes to leg exercises for me nothing beats the Bulgarian split squats❗️This exercise is not just great for building your butt ( listen up ladies 😉) but also involves your entire thigh (front& back) and calves. In case you are suffering from a lower back injury it is a valid alternative to heavy squats while activating even more muscles in your legs! I basically only do Bulgarian split squads, lunges, bridges & calf raises to train my legs with pretty good results! I'm always interested in other people's workout routines, so how does #legday look like for you?🏋️🚴🏿

According to the poll less than 50% of you guys do regularly measure their blood pressure❗️🏥 I haven't done it for a long time either but knowing the risks it carries led me to measure it every couple of month.
Having your blood pressure in check is one of the easiest ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke which are the #1 causes of deaths in the U.S.
There are actually some easy & effective ways to lower the blood pressure without medications:
1. Loose weight (most effective)🚴🏿
2. Exercise regularly in the gym 🏋️or in between the sheets 😉
3. Eat a plant based diet (vegan) 🌱
4. Reduce sodium
5. Limit alcohol consumption
6. Quit smoking
7. Lower caffeine intake
8. Reduce stress
By simply getting a blood pressure monitor you will be able to track this very important health parameter! Also please let your family& friends know and benefit from this information! Have a nice day and most importantly stay active!! 💪
#bloodpressure #medicine

So this morning I asked you who is working out in the mornings. 🚴‍♀️🏋️Turns out almost half of you does which is excellent!!! 👍💪
Did you know that working out early increases mental clarity up to 10 hours post exercise while increasing metabolism leading to a greater amount of calories burnt throughout the day❓❓ honestly I feel a big difference in these 2 aspects myself when exercising early! let your friends know about these benefits too to improve their life!

Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.
Go out there and make it work!! 👊💪😆

When your goal is to build muscle in the gym ditch the isolation exercises like biceps curls & triceps extensions or at least use those exercises only as a workout finisher. Instead focus on compound exercises which are exercises involving multiple joints. They will alter your hormonal response to the workout in a way that relatively quickly leads to a better body composition aka more overall muscle & less fat!
My Favorit exercises are pull-ups, lunges, push-ups.
If you prefer weighted exercises you would be well off with benchpress, deadlifts, squats, military press, rowing etc.
Happy workout! 💪😊

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