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Charlie Hunnam  -An Official Fan Account of Charlie Hunnam -Sons Of Anarchy officially ended on December 9, 2014

Part 1 of 2 for Charlie Hunnam in Men's Health Magazine cover shoot #CharlieHunnam #MensHealth #CoverShoot #Video #MyEdit #Actor #MensHealth2017

Sadden by what's going on around the world. My hearts goes to everyone that has effected by the situations all over the world. We all need to learn to love each other and live in peace and harmony. Everyone out there, stay safe and remember to love one another.

“On set is the only time life fully makes sense, that I feel connected to the rhythm of my life and what it all means,” he said. Once that’s over, he added: “That thing that was filling me up is gone. And so in its wake is a giant hole that screams out every day ‘please fill me.“ -Charlie Hunnam for the New York Times magazine

Charlie Hunnam for New York Times. #CharlieHunnam #NewYorkTimes #MyEdit

I will also like to point out that almost 220,000 of you are simply amazing. Thank you so much for your support on the things that involve the talented Charlie Hunnam. So much to come. Love all of you.

By the way... King Arthur is out NOW!!! Go and watch it. I know I will. #KingArthur #CharlieHunnam #Movie #KingArthurLegendoftheSword #MyEdit

Charlie Hunnam at the European Premiere for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in London [May 10, 2017]

Charlie Hunnam in Prada for the LA premiere for his latest film for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. He looks good doesn't he. And he is wearing those Ray-Bans #CharlieHunnam #KingArthur #Movie #Premiere #MyEdit #Actors

Charlie Hunnam all smiles for his movie premiere in LA last night. So happy for this guy. Major things are going to happen for him. Couldn't be prouder. #CharlieHunnam #KingArthur #Premiere #MyEdit #Actors #Movie

Charlie Hunnam at the LA premiere for his film- King Arthur: the Legend of the Sword [May 8, 2017]

Charlie Hunnam for the April/May 2017 DAMAN Magazine

-In the magazine for DAMAN, which Charlie Hunnam was featured on he was asked: What was the most inspiring, badass or otherwise awesome line that you ever had the pleasure of saying in front of a camera? His answer: "In “Cold Mountain,” right before I killed the hero of the film, played by Jude Law. We are on the cusp of having a shoot-out and I say to him:  Me: “You know what I got on my side?” Jude: “What have you got on your side?” Me: “The confidence of youth.”
And then I shoot him. Boom."
-Charlie Hunnam for the April 2017 Issue DAMAN Magazine

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