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dick grayson stan  we are still the greatest.

πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ hello iris πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
but honestly, i think this trailer was awesome.
they showed just the right amount of everything, and im sooooo glad they didn't show superman in the trailer.
cyborg and batman were badass as ever, wonder woman was just....... breathtaking and astonishing as always, aquaman was just AWESOME, and barry was honestly me
and im also glad about the amount of time they showed steppenwolf for.
but anyways, i think its gonna be an awesome movie!!! im so excited for it.
QOTP: who do you think it was at the end of the trailer?
(ikik the common answer is superman but there's a lot of theories going around so yeah)

a flashpoint movie is confirmed omg
i have soooo much to say about this so yea
first of all
i am HYPED AF. i always wanted a flashpoint live action movie and jeffrey dean morgan and lauren cohan are some of my favorite actors and they're amazing in twd
jdm can be an amazing thomas wayne batman- i feel like it kinda fits in with the rolls he's done before
this is kinda random, but since they're both from twd, will it affect if they live or not on the show? idk. but it has nothing to do with dc so i mean whatever. (even though i love maggie and i think negan is the best villain that has been on the show so far)
i'll talk about the jl trailer later or maybe tomorrow but let me just say i love it

the final results
might do another poll

44 minutes left to vote !!!! click link in bio if you havent voted yet !!

concept art for dick in young justice: the outsiders πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

superman wanted to be the bad cop for once, so this is what happened
even when batman tries to be the good cop, he's still scary lmao
show: justice league action

i don't post fan art too often but this is sooo awesome!
credit: llieo02 on tumblr
QOTP: would you like to see red hood make an appearance in the batman movie? maybe even the nightwing movie? or do you think it's too soon?

you guys should take this poll
link is in my bio
btw im only allowed to have four options, so i couldn't add steph and duke

ok but like ever other batman comic i read he's like "i havent slept in 52 hours" or alfred is like "master bruce you havent slept in three days"
QOTP: favorite chemistry in the batfamily?

happy birthday to tim drake!
he is extremely underrated and im so glad he's coming back in a few months!!
in my opinion he was the best as robin
also he's my second favorite comic book character so pls give him the love he deserves
comic: red robin #12
QOTP: favorite tim drake moment?

superman rebirth #27
QOTP: RHATO rebirth or Trinity rebirth?

this is honestly my favorite comic issue ever-- it always reminds me why i love dick grayson so much, and that there's so much more to his character than bad puns and jokes. it was one of the first nightwing comics i ever owned, and im glad it was because it really helped me understand the depth to his character. there's so much more to say, but i highly recommend reading it.
comic: nightwing #29 (n52)
QOTP: favorite comic book moment?

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