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*Being a Man* "I am running low on money. Should we contribute?" "You are a man and men don't let their girlfriends pay. " *** "I think I'd go for this casual Mickey mouse t-shirt." "You are a man and men don't buy such girly stuff. Go for something macho." *** "Oh God! I've broken my leg." "Stop wailing. You are a man and men don't cry." *** "I want a star tattoo on my wrist." "You are a man and men don't get such tattoos done. Go for skeletons instead." *** "Don't you hit me else I'm going to hit you back." "Damn you! You are a man and men don't hit women." *** "I don't feel like making love today." "You are a man and men don't say no to this. Why would you do that?" Sahil had had enough. "Because I am a man, indeed. But I'm a human first," he answered, his insides raging.
A nasty break-up followed. "Bloody men! All are just the same," she exclaimed.
Somewhere not very far, stereotypes had a good laugh.

Written : @heenaganotra

* Pledge * "India is my country.
All Indians are my brothers and sisters."
So we pledge in schools and colleges,
So we pledge until our lips register.

We call India our motherland;
We represent India by a woman.
But everyday, atleast one woman in India
Is harrased by the men.

We have reservations for people
Who were then-downtrodden, but not anymore now.
The reservations are baseless today
And before the system, the General Male category bows. "Marriage is sacred."
This is what has been said.
But rape in marriage is not a crime;
That's the verdict that has been made.

A driver, a waiter, a peon -
These jobs are looked down upon.
Somewhere where we believe that, "Work is worship,"
Shouldn't such practices be frowned upon?

Judging women by their clothes,
Catcalling and staring at them on the streets is on a spree;
Be it a woman in a burkha or a woman in a skirt,
Or let alone Bharat Mata in her saree.

What good is a pledge
If it is not abided by?
What good is an oath
If it's meant to be broken before you die?

So, starting today,
Pledge, and mean it.
Take an oath,
And fulfil it.
Read the pledge out loud
And mean every word of it. "India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
In their well-being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness." ~ Anwesha Guru

Hey, remember me?
I am the one you had dreamt for years. It took you a lot of time, patience, fight, sweat, and blood. Eventually, I became yours and the celebration was epic.
You had welcomed me with open hearts. What has happened to us? Your unconditional love for me has transformed into a mutual fund, so many terms and conditions.
Do you not want me anymore? I miss the old us. The first days of our relationship were so good. I don't know what happened to that. Why is everything lost in pretentiousness?
I know I am no longer in my youth now but wasn't this supposed to get better with time? I never thought that the people who loved me would take me for granted. I can't say they were never out of control but I always felt their love and respect for me. I had always hoped for them to fall in line with time.
I know all relationships don't work. Some of my overseas friends are going through a terrible phase but some of them are blossoming too.

But I don't want to compare myself with my friends. I want our life to be better.

Why can't we let our children pray to whichever Gods they like? Why can't we let our children read the books and watch movies they like? Why can't we let our children eat whatever they want?
Is this not we dreamt and envisioned when we came together in 1947? Is this not what you wanted? Freedom from absurd rules the British had made.
Then why have we swayed in these 70 years?
I want our partnership to move in a positive direction. Do I have the freedom to ask for it?
Written by: Suyash Sahu (@iamsuyashsahu )

Dear Bapu,
I am sorry for having forgotten you. We have deserted you and we do not pay heed to whatever you have taught us. We've killed you more than thousand times. We have stabbed your aspirations, broken your dreams, and shot your expectations.

What do you feel when you see us fighting and abusing each other on the jammed roads?
Were you furious when they killed my brother, Junaid for 'some conspiratorial meat pieces'? Did Akhlaq tell you that we do not have unity among us?

Your sons are fighting Bapu. They have forgotten your teachings of Satya and Ahimsa. They have forgotten that we were one country seven decades before. They hardly remember that they have struggled together. And more importantly, they have forgotten humanity.

I know you feel nothing but shame whenever a man rubs his elbows against my breast. And I stay shut thinking that my t-shirt is too tight for a man to control his sexual desires.
Tell me Bapu, did you cry when you saw Jisha screaming in pain?

Bapu, we are still where you left us. We are not becoming progressive, forward-minded and united at all. We are rather stepping backwards to the darker side.
We still have thousands of people without food and shelter. We have able-bodied literates without jobs.

Bapu, we are still not striving for equal opportunities. Exploitation of reservations have choked out our lives.
Bapu, come back because you are not happy to see us like this. Getting pictures stamped on the notes and roads being named after you weren't your dreams.
P.S. I will wish you a Happy Independence when we really get one.

Written : Chitra (@__chitraa ) .

. *What If*
What if the life we live
Is death in real sense
And the death we die
Is nothing but utter nonsense?

What if the sky above
Is the sea below
And the sea below
Is the sky above?

What if the aliens we look out for
Are none but us
And the real humans
Lie somewhere unconscious?

What if tomorrows are yesterdays
Played on an endless loop
And on all our todays
We are repeatedly duped?

What if 'what if' is the only real thing
In the world where real is fake
Where to act normal
Abnormality is all it takes?

What if this world is the heaven
We keep falling for?
For life anyway
Is an illusion after all. .
~ Heena Ganotra ( @heenaganotra )

* Gulf of love *
I don't ask for much;
I never do.
But there's a thing I'd like to ask from you.
Will you look something up for me?
I need you to first know the thing;
I want you to see.
Open Google.
Type 'Gulf of Alaska' and just look.
Look how two oceans meet,
But they don't mix.
Look how they become one,
Yet their originalities aren't lost in their kiss.
I want our love to be just like this.
I fell in love with you because of who you were.
You fell in love with me because of who I was.
And losing ourselves for each other doesn't sound fair.
So, let's meet.
But let's not mix.
Let's become one.
But let's not lose our originalities in our kiss.
Let's love each other,
But let it not be our own selves whom we'd later miss.

Written by : Anwesha Guru (@nobody.s_business_ )

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