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When you are retracted by gusty winds and stormy lands,
Adorn those layers of warmth and build a shackle of sand.
When the lights go out and there is only silence around,
Light a lamp of hope and tap the bell for a sound.
When the trusted path turns hostile,
When it brings with it a few thorny miles,
Build your own unblemished road among the heap of dust,
Pave out your way through the thorns and the rust.

When a closed one walks away,
When a trusted relation divulges and betrays,
Build a new bond and tie a new string of rectitude,
Such that it isn’t susceptible to any fallacies or ineptitude.

When you feel aloof and your beliefs seem unreasoned,
Know that you are enough to conquer what you had envisioned.
When you are belittled and derided for your very individuality,
To such smeared souls, let your actions be the retort to exhibit the reality.

And when things don’t fall in the place you want them to,
Remember there is always an uncreated space to dwell through. ~ Poorvasha Dubey


It is that time of the year again; my birthday. The day I feel grateful for having survived another year in this monstrous world with a not-so-annoying illness. The day or as I say, the midnight begins with the continuous ringing of phones- mine, mom's and dad's. My friends and relatives whom I haven’t seen in months begin calling to wish me, praying for all my wishes to come true to which I reply with a polite 'thank you'. Honestly, my friends calling me up in the middle of the night excite me and make every cell of my existence burst with crackers of happiness. If I were to ever make a list of all the things I'm grateful for in my life, they'd surely be among the top few. Meanwhile, my mom and dad wish me a happy birthday with the sweetest peck in the world, on my forehead and go off to sleep, until we see each other at breakfast in the morning.

The thing which is as constant as the position of the North Star is our little ritual of making a wish before blowing off the candles and cutting the cake. This was flagged off by my very religious mom who believes in doing good and in the power of the universe. I, on the other hand, have always been the one ruled by determinism, searching for the cause and effect for anything and everything that happens in my life. While my mom says that I suffering from Athrogryposis Multiplex Congenita is because God could only find my parents as the strongest and the most suitable ones to take care of a child like me; I refuse to believe and say that it is because something happened with my muscles which rendered them weak and fragile. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still have a strong will!

Nevertheless, I have always valued smiles more than logic because eventually you're remembered for the time you make someone smile, not when you impose your logic on them. Thus, like always, I go ahead with this cute yet illogical ritual, make a wish and blow off the candles. I see a version of worried contentment on my mom's face, which looked heavenly a few seconds ago in the light of the candles - worried because her eyes long to see me walking on my feet and content because even after being a non-believer, I do it. (Cont in comments)

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Poem | Aashna Shah

*I Will Keep Haunting You*

Walk through the fallen dry leaves —
Step on them,
and you'll hear crackles
that I'd once made you listen to.
Look above,
at the hues of the sky,
and you'll remember the canvas that we painted,
with your colours sticking to my paintbrush.
Gaze at the sunbeam for two whole minutes,
look away, now, at the newborn leaves
and that dazzle will remind you
of the last time my eyes spoke to yours.
Feel the wind in your hair,
Feel how it makes your curls sway,
and the receding shoreline,
will strike a chord,
making you relive those strums
that I played on your guitar.
Dance your heart out,
smile all you want,
look me in the eye,
when you throw open your arms,
and my intriguing stare,
will make those cells spring to life,
and you'll hear my voice
haunting your mind
like an eerie bliss. ~ Nidhi Satish

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