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Abel Kumar  Dash the curry like you're not in a hurry.


Wedding tings ❤

Basically my life rn also is posting a pic still a thing in the world of instastories? Asking for a friend.

Dear Muruga, thank you for showing us that Eurocentric beauty standards is bs and not for us brownies, we better off with briyani tummy and thick thigs. Also, Happy Deepavali folks.

When Lankan fam shows up!

As I lead you on your seven steps together, may you become friends and partners, earn the seven kinds of wealth in life and share your joys and miseries, commitment, moral support and strength, chastity, happiness of parenthood, cherishment and respect and love (legit googled the meaning behind the Agni walk for this 😂😂😂). #gloryismarried

#seagames2017 reminded me why home is such a beautiful place. Selamat Hari Merdeka folks, now that we hit 60 may we get our act together as we progress for the better :)

In my mind, I own a studio and a good interior designing skills. In reality, I am a broke millennial who is battling self-gratification.


~I bongo with my lingo and beat it like a wing yo to Congo to Colombo can't stereotype my thing yo~ (@miamatangi)
I cannot do a long essay because this 7 months was more than just finishing grad school to me, it got very important and personal.
But I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone I encountered in the island, you left a mark one way or another. And to the Tamil people whom I met, espescially in Jaffna, thank you for welcoming me to the (partial) motherland, thank you for the discounts, the surviving tips, the homie love, the conversations and the hospitality. Most of all, thank you for telling me that you are proud of me, with the work I do or for simply coming back, it means so much to me. One thing for sure, I am bringing the nation back with me, everywhere I go. 📸: @mehlindta, my fav spot in Colombo, Indian Ocean, railway track, Marine drive and Wellawatta :) Now, hello Malaysia, apa khabar?

Brown island kids, fam for lyfe ❤.

Ceylon art ceylon boy ceylon hair ceylon air. #lka #colombo

Colonial Hangover???

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