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Jack Baran 

you know how your own birthday has a little ring to it.... to you.... like, January 13th, that’s me. and whenever you hear your own birthday you forget it’s just another day to other people.. because it’s like how your name is the most important name to you... your birthday is like... YOUR day? Damn. J13 1/13/1997 1:55pm i would write my social security number cause she’s cute too but

6:52am red sky in morning.....

spidey 🕸

Mood all of 2018 hahahaha smiling through the pain. Real talk I don’t even know how to describe the past year but all I know is that I didn’t become the person I wanted to become. I shut down this year and isolated myself, my ideas, and plans, mostly because I’m scared as fuck of what will happen to my dedication and hard work. I’m too comfortable holding all of the power because I know that no one can tell me I’m wrong. The confusing lesson that I learned though is that I’m actually more scared of living or dying somewhere in between, with everything still left inside. I truly would be so disappointed in myself if I never got to fully be me, who I am when I’m by myself, and express that to you. I’m fucking over watching the time pass me by. I’m no longer defining myself, keeping quiet when I should be LOUD, and keeping my insane mind hidden behind a veil. I’m coming out again and I’m so ready to emerge from under this rock. I’m changing everything for myself... no more time to wait

thanksgiving in la

i'll watch from here

it’s wednesday october 3rd so all you plastics better be wearing PINK

scoops, the boss, and blondie

the probability that i’m real? slim to none

if you see us around

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