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Weekly routine
This time we have some berries and cherries from mama!! Soak em' up and the colour of the water always amazes me. The amount of wax on these things are crazy

Swipe left to see the bowl of water I soaked it in. I put a clear glass of water so you can compare

The apples are organic by the way. So moral of the story, wash and soak allllll your veges & fruits folks!
#fruits #mornings #monday #ilovemarachinocherries #icouldeatemalldayerrday

Pancake day

Topped with chocolate chips for him and egg for me


#tseskipthecereal #breakfast #pancake #homemade #withlove

It's a word now

Can Can Can

#me #woosa #needtobreathe

Conversations with the Duplo buddies while mama eats

#goodmorningsunshine #tseskipthecereal #scrambledeggs #quinoabread is yum #duplo #parenthood

He wanted to cook scrambled eggs today

So glad he ate what he cooked this time lol
Even Pablo the duplo wanted some

#tseskipthecereal #tsecooks #scrambledeggs #breakfast #alphabet

Peek a boo

A lot of people that I've met think that I kinda just lost weight because I've always been skinny

But here's the thing, I wish that was true lol. After a second child there's no way you can loose all that weight so fast, its not natural and does not make sense

What did I do? I followed my mum's post partum confinement practises (my mum does confinements :) for close to a month, I try my very best to have meals early and I consume safe vitamins & supplements

I did not magically loose weight. I do my part to get my body together.

Here I am three months post partum with still a belly pouch because I chose to allow my body to heal before beginning to exercise. Taking care of a baby and a four year old is an exercise itself hahah

Today I shall attempt to exercise, but will take it really slow and steady. I don't want to rush anything. Body goes through so many changes throughout pre & post pregnancy

I feel so different after a second child, mentally, spiritually and physically. An increase amount of self love and taking the time to heal in various aspects has allowed me to function better for the family

Are you taking care of yourself? You beautiful soul

#heal #postpartum #growth #enlightened #body #thoughts #sharings #woman

Am I hungry

Belly feels

Art by @amandaoleander
#bellyhappy #fridge #hungryq

Had my first ice cream ever since I gave birth

Mannn it was amazing

#jalanjalan #icecream #yummy

The most comfy romper


#hnm #soft #breastfeedingfriendlytoo!

The weekend breakfast

Ran out of eggs, so we're having tofu for the first time, in the morning
I notice when you run out of things, that's when you get creative and in this case, healthy lol

Fried seaweed tofu
Mushroom with onions
Rocket leaves (LOVE these leaves)

Good mornings

#goodmorning #tsecooks #tseskipthecereal #breakfast #rocketleaves #love #tofumornings #tofu #saturyay

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