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Nourish your body, strengthen it, and make beautiful art with it!
📷: @eatorrado
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Guess what we brought back from our factory visit? The royal treatment for your toes. Introducing Gaynor Minden Pointe Pockets. Designed and shaped expressly for Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, but works great in other pointe shoes, too! •

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Surround yourself with people who make you better! Happy #TurningThursday 💃 •
📹 @lo_raine_gaile2018: Pirouettes with @neeksballerina 🤗🙈💗❤️ •
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How are you getting ready for the Philippine Dance Cup? @kimabro shares with us some tips on how she conquers the stage during competitions! "A lot of tips can be given to a dancer entering a competition; however, based on my personal experience all these tips can be summarized into two major points.
1. Stay focused: The moment you decide that you’re entering a competition you need to commit yourself fully into to it. Make sure to never lose sight of the goals you’ve set for yourself. Keep on working hard and always be open to the process of learning.
2. Have fun: Competitions are wonderful opportunities for you to grow and mature as a dancer. Embrace it openly—and by doing so, you allow yourself to enjoy the entire process of it!
After joining two local ballet competitions (NAMCYA 2011 & CCP Ballet Competition 2016) and one international ballet competition (Genee IBC 2012), I’ve come to understand more deeply what ballet competitions are.
In my opinion, ballet competitions are made for risk takers—those that step out of their comfort zones, and willingly allow themselves to be judged and/or ranked with their skills and performance. Hence, competitions make you a fighter, in a sense that you aim your best in perfecting those multiple pirouettes, lifting those arabesques higher, soaring up in the air in those grand jetes, and so on. These are all indeed very true but one important component that majority tend to forget or lose focus on is that more than being a so-called “fighter” you are first and foremost an Artist. As an artist you create art through dance. You allow yourself to portray a character and tell his or her story through the movements that you do while doing a classical variation or a contemporary piece onstage. Truly, a dancer’s technique may get the attention and amazement of the audience and judges, but a dancer’s artistry and portrayal will always capture their hearts...”

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We'll be seeing you at the Philippine Dance Cup from October 2 - 5! Make sure to drop by and check out our pop-up shop in the SDA Theater of DLS- College of Saint Benilde!
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Happy faces all around as @philballettheatre Cinderella opens today!

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Opening today!
Saturday 3pm & 8pm
Sunday 3pm
@ cultural center of the Philippines 📸 @pot_potography #Pbtcinderella

Sometimes we just need a little “push” from our mentors. 😜 •
See this and more at Philippine Dance Cup next week! #philippinedancecup2018
📹: @dwightrodrigazo
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The Philippine Dance Cup is just around the corner. @loms.lvl shares her competition tips to help you prepare and be at your best! 💃

"The dance world is becoming much more competitive in nature, especially in ballet. Standards have risen alarmingly high over the years. Triple pirouettes "should" come effortlessly, bodies "should" be unnaturally flexible, arches "should" be high and supple, women "should" jump as high as men-- the list of expectations goes on and on. Seeing where the dance world is at now in terms of technical ability causes some dancers to feel pressured and anxious. Personally, when I prepare for competitions, I find myself worrying more about the things that I lack and cannot do as well as other dancers. I often find myself thinking that because I'm not as insanely talented as other people my age, I have no chance in excelling in a competition.
However, one tip/reminder that I have for dancers who experience similar feelings of incompetency is this: slowly work on the things you need to improve, but never forget your own strengths. Don't compare yourself to other dancers to the point that you never see what YOU'RE personally good at. Maybe you can't do five pirouettes, but you have beautiful ballon. Maybe your jumps aren't that high, but you have beautiful lines. Maybe you aren't as flexible, but you have charisma and a strong stage presence. Find what you're good at and flaunt it. Harness it because it'll set you apart from other dancers.”

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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2018 CCP Ballet Competition! Watch out for these young rising stars of Philippine ballet. #IAmADancer #balletisthatsdpointe #CCPballetcompetition2018

Success takes time so just keep going!

📷 pjrebullida .

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