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| Jerome Raphael Lai Li |  When it seems to be as such, our imginations become limited

Happy Anniversary love!! Thank you for the 1 year we've spent knowing each other! Thank you for being crazy with me! I wanna grow closer to you to know you more, I wanna recognise your heart more than your outlook and, I want us to grow closer with the BIG MAN!! Lastly, I wanna build kingdom with you as time goes by!! I'm excited to journey with you more! #Jesus #love #happyanniversary #BIGMAN #journey #life

Food is too good man. Wah if I don't get fat, I'll probably have high cholesterol. #foodie #hkadventures #love #glutton #hkfood #sogood #food #goose #seafood

Finally McCafe sells tiramisu!!

It was an eventful and reflective holy week. This easter thought me so much of how long the journey of life actually is. I'm still learning so much in so many small ways to be more like Him, a God-Being Child. Bearing this cross on my own won't be easy at all, that's why I will stay close to my loved ones in sharing His love till the very day He welcomes me home #worshiplifestyle #love #Jesus #Easter #Lent #HolyWeek

Revelationnnnn. So mind blown with so many translations of this chapter. Like BOOM it hit me again, dazzled once again. Woooh #bible #revelation #Jesus #worship #love #insight

So honoured to have received the opportunity to share Christ with KC!! #Love #Worship #Life

Gonna love this new toy!!!! #shurebeta58a

I love that we can be crazy together. Happy Valentines Bubba❤️❤ #lailoveyew

Finallyyyyy. The only sem this happens!!!

She's still figuring out which steak is my fav. ❤💖🐥

New setup. This is the biggest platform I've served God on and it'll only grow bigger as He waters the seeds and fruits rooted in me
#worship #love #lovematters #jasonevert

I finally allowed myself to be inspired with what tourists like about Singapore. And yes as simple as lights can be, they play a big part in creating the atmosphere for people to be in awe and wonder. Just like God who allows small things and puts small things in our life that can inspire us only when we allow them to.

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