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| Jerome Raphael Lai Li |  When it seems to be as such, our imginations become limited

Gonna love this new toy!!!! #shurebeta58a

I love that we can be crazy together. Happy Valentines Bubba❤️❤ #lailoveyew

Finallyyyyy. The only sem this happens!!!

She's still figuring out which steak is my fav. ❤💖🐥

New setup. This is the biggest platform I've served God on and it'll only grow bigger as He waters the seeds and fruits rooted in me
#worship #love #lovematters #jasonevert

I finally allowed myself to be inspired with what tourists like about Singapore. And yes as simple as lights can be, they play a big part in creating the atmosphere for people to be in awe and wonder. Just like God who allows small things and puts small things in our life that can inspire us only when we allow them to.

"I lift my hands to heaven, hear my heart surrender, I tell me soul again, You are Lord of all." Father You have once again dazzled me with the simplicity of things. I pray that as this journey goes to greater heights, You will bring me to places that my soul longs to be. Amen

#opnhvn17 #worship #love #GodofWonders #faith

I finally hit the stove again

Back at where I started. Definitely found the time to rediscover myself again #worship #love

I miss Aussie and you already :((( it was a great trip and I'm definitely looking forward to another soon. See you when you're back babe!! 💞

I love how this can appear on any greenscreen. This taught me how imaginative God made us and still moulding us, to be able to create visions in our own minds that can become reality

#worship #love

My railway

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