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Satan (Aka MiniTruck Mommy)😈  @chevytireslayer💕 @minimachinestruckcrew Member 🤘🏻 Follow my builds! @minitruckmommy My babies: 92 Chevy s10 77 Toyota Hilux MY FIRST VIDEO IS OUT!👇🏻

Action shot, because it’s Sunday...
I can hear the haters in the comments already, “she’s so unprofessional” “what an attention seeker” “I never work on my car like that” but it’s funny cause I don’t give a fuck about what other people do, I love this shot of me. This is actually a screenshot from the video I took of me installing a new wheel cylinder on my Toyota! I swear I wasn’t “posing”! 😜🍑🛠

Double post of this sexy Super-Single disc clutch kit cause I’m freaking stoked!
Now I can finally work on the drivetrain fitment and making custom mounts for the s10!
I’m one step closer to finishing this build! 👩🏻‍🔧🤘🏻💕

Caption this. 🖤
It’s Friday and I’m on my way to buy more parts for the 2JZ! Who can guess what parts I’m about to pick up? Comment below!! 🛠👇🏻

Thirsty Thursday 💦 Giving my Kx250f a much needed wash! Can’t wait to go out riding again! 🤘🏻

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. 🖤🔮

Left or right?? 😈💕

That feeling when your cat takes your steering wheel... 😴🐾

It’s Just one of those days... 👩🏻‍🔧🛠

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars... ✨

I used to be scared to post photos like this worried about what people would say and think but it’s crazy how much my mind has evolved since I started modeling. I’ve gained so much knowledge from being behind and in front of the lens and I’ve learned to appreciate and respect every aspect of my body. I encourage every female to get out there and do whatever type of photoshoot they feel like doing! Whether it’s a friend or person close to you, get them to take pics of you! once you get comfortable, It’s so fun and empowering! .
Note: Not everyone likes their picture taken in a certain way, my bf hates the camera but I’ve managed to get some amazing shots of him bmxing and dirt biking that he actually likes! Now he asks me to take pics of him whenever we go riding! So Get creative! 📸🤘🏻💕

Be the girl of your own dreams ✨

Happy hump day everyone! 🖤 I’m going to the OC fair tonight to see the RV D.D. What are you up to? Comment below! 👇🏻

Loving my new steering wheel and quick release. 💜🍑

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