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Stay wild. Stay free. #supergrayson

His greatest adventure has always been whatever he is doing. My greatest adventure will always be him. #supergrayson #youaremygreatestadventure

My boys got me a teddy bear and these beautiful flowers for mother's day. Today I got go appreciate them. #supergrayson #redneckromeo

Grayson decided Bear wanted to play the tablet. Now Bear is watching videos. #supergrayson

He is too cool for me. He also opened my cards and presents for me today. #momlife

Thank you for making me your mother. You are my greatest blessing.

Gray every time we see that the turtle is out of his house- "Leland is so super hungry" Gray to everyone yesterday- "let me show you something!" And takes them to the pool so they can see the umbrella at the bottom. He has a big heart and a curious mind. #supergrayson #redneckromeo

This picture is a new favorite. When Leland decides on a destination nothing will stop him. He knocks over chairs and moves tables. Gray knows to get out of his way when he is coming. Gray finds his favorite "safe spot" and he knows he is protected from being ran over. #myheart #supergrayson #redneckromeo #bestfriends #YouKeepMeSafeIllKeepYouWild

Grayson let the dogs in and was all excited "Koda got you a ball!!!" At least that is what I heard. What he really said was "Koda got you a bird!" I realized my mistake when the dog dropped a bird at my feet. Now we have a bird in a shoe box hospital. #friyay #momshit #supergrayson #kodabear #birddog

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