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im just your average nerd  Icon by @smallskik . Call me Artsy|14|self taught . •Art trades:❌ •Commissions:❌ . "When life gives you lemons, Make lemonade and trade it for coffee"

HEY I got this dude from @boyawolf !! I did change some *very* small things so I hope that is okay!!
Idk if I'll keep the name panik :0 i sorta like it though!

Really like your mirrored species!!

I should redraw this with an actually meaning :V
Also today is my 1 year anniversary on Instagram!!

3/3 here's the last owed art for you :0 TYSM for accepting my offer for your OC ..!!

2/3 for @boyawolf !!
Hey I hope ya like this!! I really enjoyed drawing your OC!!

I wanna draw more monsters and dragons so I'm practicing heads and mouths and stuff so TAKE MY SKETCHES
Also if ya guys have any tips that would be appreciated!!

1/3 owed art for @boyawolf (?)
Hey I hope you like this!! I might've rushed it a bit but I think it still looks alright!
Also, you have some really awesome OCs :0

I'm going to be gone for a while, maybe a couple days, trying to clean up the flood that happened in our house,, so uhm,, I'll see you all later

Super sorry for the wait!! But here are the hatched eggs for the winners of my egg raffle!! @shadow_was_here @snapback_corgi @creepz_the_angel_dragon !! Hope you guys like em!!

I bought this dude for a lot of points so I'm asking for 10$ or more, i rlly love him so I probably won't change the price.
Comes with all art shown.

There was summer 70% off sales and 50% off sales at Michaels so I might've bought many many things,, such as plants and more

Hey same thing as last post, I wanna buy some things so I'm selling this dude for 5$+ USD PayPal.
Comes with all art shown above

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