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im just your average nerd  Pfp by @pigg.cookies . Call me Artsy|14|self taught . β€’Art trades:❌ β€’Commissions:❌ . When life gives you lemons, Make lemonade and trade it for coffee


All my OCs are on #artsydogocs :0

lol I hope I'm not to late :') I might've rushed this to since it's due today sorry it's not the best XD #chimeredesigncon (also I hope I didn't change the design and colors to much :0)

So exited for my first convention πŸ‘Œ it's the only "anime/gaming" themed thing here in Alaska :0

Hi I can't draw cloths, nor can I crop photos. @salsasoup I think the only reason this took me forever was cuz I couldn't draw them lol...sorry bout the wait :')

"Tis the fall season"
Hey, some may know that my mom had breast cancer 2 years ago..but recently she was also diagnosed with liver cancer. Well guess what? They just said she also has cancer in her neck!
So I'm sorry if I've been gone or very unproductive for a while <3 I'm rlly busy with going to appointments for my mom and stuff, plus homeschool.
please bare with me! I know I have over due trades and stuff I promised, such as the DTA and another egg raffle, might take a little longer. But I promise that hopefully in the next 2 weeks(?) I will have time to do that stuff since I'll be in the waiting room most of the time :')
Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me.

Maybe this year I'll actually try πŸ‘Œ

Mmmmm πŸ‘Œ here's my #starsweepers rlly like him lol XD his name shall be bug. also, not sure if I drew him right but I hope this still looks okay lol

Why must you always cut it off so much..also I can't draw backgrounds AT ALL
This is for the #loveuroccontest also I hope this counts as multiple points cuz it took me over 3 hours :')

I'll be gone all day at the only actual fair in Alaska so uh..WOOO IM EXITED

Okay so I KNOW you didn't say dragon on your list but you seem to like lizards so I made a cat/dragon hybrid please forgive me @smallskik #characterforproven

Hi there lol, I tried to keep the same colors but I might've made them I little brighter :') hope ya like it! #noisdesigncontest
@noiluca (lol idk if ya wanna be tagged XD) also I'm going to enter more :0

Don't you love it when you bite your lip so hard that it becomes a waterfall of blood? I've already had to get stitches in my lip before I'd like to not do it again :)

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