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They're going to have to beat me off this flight.

Party in the back, unemployment all over. @cheetofingaz

Watch w/ sound

I screamed.

From redditor moonfetus.

This elephant prays that one day he'll be able to forget. @tallyjorn

Every rose has its porn. From redditor Gallowboob

Took the lil scamp out for getting all D's on his report card. Couldn't be more proud. @brianawitan

This motherfucker right here does not sweat the small stuff.
Submitted by everyone.

A combative Combusken claims that "it's not illegal, when they come to you!!"

New Jersey's latest vein-laden jock arrives. Submitted by many, thank you! #BostonDparty

Follow the yellow brick chode!

Trump tests the boundaries of what he'll be able to get away with during tonight's debate. Lindsey Graham's prince Albert still goes unnoticed. Submitted by @destroyorbison

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