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Kristijan Lizačić  Just a boy with a dream. 📍 Zagreb, Croatia 📸 My Work - @bookehteller 📩 Business - ⬇️ Get my Presets ⬇️

Become a priority in your own life 👊

They told me I can be anything I want, so I decided to be the best! | 📸 @lukajazic

Your actions speak louder than your words, so shut the f up and start grinding 🤷‍♂️ | 📸 @lukajazic

Proud To Be Different 🤙 | 📸 @lukajazic

The best decision I ever made was to be myself. | 📸 @lukajazic

Work to prove yourself that you can do it. | 📷 @lukajazic

Always strive to improve yourself in both physical and mental sense. Leveling up in real life is not easy at all. It takes time, hard work and dedication, but reaching it is the most beautiful experience in the world. | 📷 @lukajazic

Feel The Power 😎 | 🚗 @ipoduzetnik | 📷 @matkohud

New City, New Story to Tell 📍| 🚗 @ipoduzetnik | 📷 @matkohud

Taking a leap of faith can take you a long way, but it’s all pointless unless you believe in yourself.

Don’t sit on your ass all day long doing nothing and expect to gain everything you ever wanted.

Things that make you different than everyone else are the things that define who you really are 🙏

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