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Kevin Smith  Once, I was but an innocent egg. Until I was penetrated by a hockey-jersey-wearing sperm...

“37?!?” Ever since my Doctor told me to lose 50 pounds following my heart attack, I’ve been waiting to be able to say “I’ve lost 37 pounds!” - solely because (thanks to #Clerks) 37 has long been my lucky number. And now that I’ve dropped the easiest 5 pounds of my life on @weightwatchers using their point system and following the #freestyleeffect, I can finally commemorate this odd-numbered personal mile-stone! I’ve lost 37 out of the 50 lbs. the Doc told me to drop, with 13 more pounds to go to hit my goal - and I lost the last 5 eating fun foods I actually like! Thank you, #weightwatchers - from a grateful #WWAmbassador! #KevinSmith #weightlossjourney #fitternotbitter

Happy Mother’s Day - the holiday in which we commemorate something real big coming out of something real small! My Mom wasn’t just a doorway to this best of all possible worlds, she also taught me to treat everybody with kindness and patience (“Because you never know if one of them is Jesus in disguise”). Mom had 3 kids but would often tell me about suffering 2 miscarriages - one before me and one after me (which always made me wanna join forces with my Ghost Brothers in solving neighborhood crimes and getting folks out of weekly jams with their spectral help). My Mom supported all of my goofy childhood interests - and those interests would eventually make up the bulk of my adult career. I was adored and loved unconditionally by Grace Smith, all while she built the foundation of who I am. Thanks for everything, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day - and I’m sorry about the episiotomy! #KevinSmith #gracevsmith #mothersday #mom

TONIGHT! Watch me try to kill onstage before I nearly died backstage! It’s the @showtime comedy special I was shooting the night of my heart attack - “Silent But Deadly!” Watch for signs of my impending doom as I almost talk myself to death nearly three months ago! Let me know if you saw it and what you thought! But go easy: I have a heart condition. Many thanks to @comedydynamics and #showtime!(Photo by the amazing @allanamato!) #KevinSmith #comedydynamics #comedy #silentbutdeadly

“And it’s a funny ol’ world, Ma, where a little boy’s wishes come true. Well I got a few left in my pocket - and a special one just for you.” - The Wish, Bruce Springsteen. While I was in #redbank for the signing at the @jayandsilentbobstash, I got to see my Mom for the first time since my ticker nearly crapped out on me. We caught up while driving around our hometown of #highlandsnj. This trip had the added benefit of being able to compare heart meds, since Mom is no stranger to the stent herself. Then last night, like a dutiful parent, she listened to me tell blowjob jokes at the benefit for @filmonefest in Atlantic Highlands (and I even caught her laughing at a few)! Love you, Mom! Thanks for making the trip! #KevinSmith #gracevsmith #jayandsilentbobssecretstash

First time back to the cradle of civilization since the heart attack. My wall is still here to support me, like a brick and mortar Giving Tree. #KevinSmith #newjersey #quickstop #nj #clerks

MAY the FOURTH Be With You! One week from today, @showtime debuts the comedy special we were shooting the night I had my heart attack, entitled “Silent But Deadly!” If you watch it, you can look for hints of my impending coronary episode throughout the show! But man do I love this promo piece! The photo of me was taken by the always amazing @allanamato and then the good folks at @comedydynamics came up with the key art concept! Watch me try so hard to kill onstage that I nearly died backstage! MAY 11th, only on #showtime! #KevinSmith #comedy #heartattack #comedydynamics #maythe4thbewithyou

Made my second trip ever to the @colbertlateshow last night to promote my May 11th @showtime special! I had a great time but I forget to let @stephenathome ask any questions. Love when they put me on a talk show because I can TALK my fat ass off! See the whole segment at the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #stephencolbert #lateshowwithstephencolbert #showtime #heartattack #wwambassador #weightwatchersambassador

“I don’t wanna close my eyes! I don’t wanna fall asleep! ‘Cause I’d miss you, Baby - and I don’t wanna miss a Thing!” Sitting beside Brother Grimm makes me feel positively dainty! Big Ben’s on display at the magnificent @marvel exhibit that runs for the next few months at @mopopseattle. They even have an original Ditko page on display from the issue of Amazing Fantasy that introduced Spider-Man to the world! You’ll salivate so much over the cool stuff on display that you’ll be like “It’s slobberin’ time!” #KevinSmith #thething #marvel #mopopseattle

In honor of @avengers #infinitywar, @jayandsilentbobstash re-did the front windows of our l’il comic book store to a sorta Kevinfinity War motif starring the @comicbookmenamc! I’ve now seen #avengersinfinitywar twice and I’m still gobsmacked! Perfect comic book movie! Plays like a Giant Sized Annual come to life. Trippy seeing people not move during the credits because after 10 years, they’re so well-trained by @marvelstudios. What’d you guys think of the movie? (Marvelous art by @jeffquigley with windows by @madeyalooksigns.) #KevinSmith #comicbookmen #jayandsilentbobssecretstash #comics #avengersassemble #thanosdemandsyoursilence

Happy 19th Anniversary to my wife-for-life #jenniferschwalbach! Here is our family at the @tribecafilmfestival last night for the premiere of a great flick @harleyquinnsmith is in called #allthesesmallmoments. We’re a family standing together in ascending height order, yes - but more importantly, we’re a family standing together. We can do that because Jen took a pregnant leap of faith 19 years ago with a guy she barely knew beyond the interview she’d conducted with him in @usatoday and the sack time they’d spent together a month later. We honestly thought we were totally in love the day we were wed - and of course there was some love there. But that’s the backwards thing nobody ever explains about marriage: you tie the knot first and THEN you fall in love over the course a lifetime. I love this woman more than I did when we said our vows nearly 2 decades back at #skywalkerranch during the #dogma mix. We don’t always see eye-to-eye (in fact, we rarely do), but we always manage to see heart-to-heart (or more importantly, crotch-to-crotch, as that’s what started all this in the first place). I love you, Jenny! Thanks for marrying me waaaaaaay back when! #KevinSmith #jenschwalbach #harleyquinnsmith #marriage #anniversary #tribeca #tribecafilmfestival

Yesterday on the @todayshow, I announced that I’ve been selected as a @weightwatchers Ambassador! The 14 year old me who weighed-in weekly at the church on the highway in Atlantic Highlands cannot believe it! But back then, I was shamed into quitting the program. Even though I was getting results, some of my 1984 friends made fun of me for being the only guy in the #weightwatchers room who wasn’t someone’s Mom. But it’s a way different story today! When the news broke that I’m a #wwambassador, there was nothing but support from family, friends and fans, both old and new! I heard from high school buddies who are like “Been on WW for 2 years! It works!” What a difference 34 years makes! So adolescent me was too scared to stick with a good thing, but old-ass me? He knows Weight Watchers is how he’s gonna save his life while still eating some foods that he loves! Feel like a #wwambassadorwannabe amongst my fellow ambassadors @oprah or @djkhaled, but I’m happy to be in the family! If you wanna follow my story as I try to lose 30 more pounds click the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #weightlossjourney #wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #losingweight

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