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Kevin Smith  Once, I was but an innocent egg. Until I was penetrated by a hockey-jersey-wearing sperm...

Happy Holidays from 15 year old @thatkevinsmith! I currently weigh only 15 pounds more than I did when this photo was taken at @henry_hudson_regional_pto in my Sophomore year, circa 1985! So thank you, @ww! I never thought I’d ever get this close to that version of me again! #KevinSmith

Tonight we purchased the annual tree at @mrjingleschristmastrees - a family tradition for years now. For Christmas, @harleyquinnsmith is gonna ask Santa for a full shirt. #KevinSmith #christmas #christmastree #family

I’m making #jayandsilentbobreboot in a few months, but the movie I’m looking most forward to right now is the next @avengers! I woke up at 6am to to see Tony trapped in space! The @marvelstudios logo get Snapped! The Thanos scarecrow! Learned half of ALL living things were taken in The Decimation, even pets! That sharp Ronin reveal! And @AntMan is gonna play a big role! Hear me now, #avengersendgame! I promise to stay alive until your tale is told! As my Grandma used to say whenever she was watching her favorite soap operas every afternoon, “Shut up! My stories are on!” #KevinSmith #avengers #avengers4 #marvel

Happy Birthday @donnellrawlings - my Hollyweed costar and one of the funniest people (and best Fathers) I ever met! Knowing you has enriched my life to the point where I can honestly scream from the rooftops “I’m rich, bitch!” Next time we work together will be in #jayandsilentbobreboot - then after that, more #hollyweed! #KevinSmith #donnellrawlings #birthday #comedy #standup #ashylarry

BEHOLD! @melissabenoist does The Fraggle Dance! And TONIGHT! I get the credit for “directing” the newest episode of @supergirlcw! From a script co-written by Super scribe @etcarrasco (who also co-wrote one of my favorite things I’ve ever been associated with: the “Supergirl Lives” ep), it’s a packed 42 minutes in which Nia will manifest her power! Manchester Black will hunt Agent Liberty! And wait ‘til you see what happens to the Maiden of Might in the shock ending! All that and a taste of the #elseworlds crossover awaits you on @thecw at 8pm! #KevinSmith #supergirl #cwsupergirl #bunkerhill #fraggle #fraggledancing

Meet Kevin, Harley and Quinn! Because we helped out with the Adopt-a-Turkey program, the sweet folks at the @farmsanctuary named three little lambs after me and @harleyquinnsmith! These recently rescued wooly wonders are settling into #farmsanctuarylife at the Watkins Glen headquarters in NY (you might be able to see them virtually in a live feed on Farm Sanctuary's Facebook page at noon)! Sadly, the triplets were found caught in a rainstorm after their mother died giving birth. Thankfully, they were discovered and brought to #farmsanctuary where they’ve been given around-the-clock care. Harley's the female of the three and word is she’s very vocal (like her namesake). Nothing wrong with a sheep gift! Wool take it! Ba-Ba bad puns, have you any thanks? Yes sir, yes sir! Many thanks to Lindsay Morris and the superheroes at Farm Sanctuary! If you wanna see more amazing animals and maybe lend support, visit the Farm Sanctuary on Instagram and at Facebook. #KevinSmith #animals #lambs #lambsofinstagram #rescueanimals

Just a subtle reminder that my standup special SILENT BUT DEADLY is now available to own in the digital and physical worlds (link in my Bio)! Many thank to @brianvolkweiss and the good folks at @comedydynamics for the billboards! I’ve only had 6 billboards in my 25 year career: 1) Mallrats, 2) @jayandsilentbobstash, 3) Zack & Miri, 4) Cop Out, 5) Get Old gig at the Santa Ana Star Casino, and now 6) Silent But Deadly. My Mom will love this so I really appreciate it! #KevinSmith #comedydynamics #standupcomedy #standup

After a @crossroadskitchen Thanksgiving with a @veggiegrill chaser dinner, drastic measures are called for. So Shecky and I spent our Black Friday morning hiking @runyoncanyon. This @ww ambassador went a little crazy with the points yesterday but I’m currently maintaining my weight at 198 pounds - which is less than I weighed when I made Clerks. And for my first Vegan Thanksgiving, the only food I truly missed was the Mondo Nachos I get every day at #veggiegrill. But we’re about to be reunited... #KevinSmith #blackfriday #thanksgiving #ww

Happy Thanksgiving from the Smith/Schwalbach/Stanley family (and @corey_ring), from @crossroadskitchen! This was the first fully Vegan Thanksgiving for our family, in what I hope will be an ongoing tradition! I have so much to be thankful for this year - especially just being here to give thanks at all! But I’m incredibly thankful for my family, my friends and my followers - all of whom give up a little something so I can be me for a living! This turkey couldn’t do it without you! #KevinSmith #thanksgiving #harleyquinn #harleyquinnsmith #vegan #jenniferschwalbach #crossroadskitchen #losangeles

UPDATE - 10:30am: The surgery went great! Mom is in recovery for the next 2 hours but then we get to see her. The Doctor had told us that because of the hernia, Mom’s stomach was up in her chest. They pulled it out of her esophagus and reattached it, lifting it off her heart. Doc says she’ll be feeling 100% better tomorrow. So THANK YOU for all your positive vibes! They certainly helped! ***********
My nearly 73 year old Mom is headed into a difficult surgery this morning. If you can, keep Homegirl in your thoughts and send some positive vibes. Do NOT send any negative vibes please: Grace already has a tough few hours and a long recovery ahead of her so she can use all the good will we can get. #KevinSmith #gracevsmith #mom #florida

Wow! Many thanks to anyone who bought the SILENT BUT DEADLY audio at @itunes! You got my album to Number One! I’m ecstatic! After 15 years of Q&A specials and thousands of free podcasts, #silentbutdeadly is my first official comedy album! And as a kid raised on classic comedy records like George Carlin’s “Occupation: Foole” and Sam Kinison’s “Louder Than Hell”, joining that club at the top slot means the world to me for personal reasons. You see, my Dad gave me my first comedy album when I was like 10 years old. Were he alive today, he would love to see this. This just goes to show that you never know when you’re unwittingly shaping someone’s future. My old man thought he was just sharing some giggles with his heavy-set son; he didn’t realize he was building a comedian. And I fought that title for years, because I revere standup comics so much that I could never consider myself part of that world as anything more than a fan and audience member. But at age 48, at least for a minute or two, I have the number one comedy album on the #itunes charts! Many thanks to the good folks at @comedydynamics for producing what was nearly the last show I ever did! And big thanks to you, Dad: look what you made me do! For signed copies of the CD, DVD, BluRay and Vinyl from @jayandsilentbobstash, click the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #comedy #silentbutdeadly #comedydynamics

Shot at the stroke of midnight in Napa, I was able to capture the magic moment @ralphgarman actually turned 54! We’ve been doing our live show podcast HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON together for over 8 years now and it’s the highlight of my week! Ralph and I met at a radio station in L.A., so our relationship has always been based in oral antics (though not the cummy kind)! At the end of the day, we’re both kinda male whores: we use our mouths on people to make a living. But more than making me just money, Ralph and Babble-On made me relevant in the Hollywood comedy scene. It’s the show that gives me something to look forward to every weekend: 2 hours of laughs provided by one of the funniest people I know, as well as my name and face on the marquee of the legendary @hollywoodimprov! Without Ralph, that doesn’t happen. We are both survivors in this weird business of show: remoras attached to the underbelly of the shark called Hollywood. We’ve Babbled on stages all over the world (last night was Napa) and it’s been a blast, professionally and personally! And when we shoot #jayandsilentbobreboot, Ralph gets to reprise his role of Bluntman bad guy DickHead from #jayandsilentbobssupergroovycartoonmovie - only this time with prosthetics! But while Ralph can easily play a DickHead, he has never been one to me. Whether he’s bashing our betters or playing the role of a subterranean Canadian Nazi in @yogahosers, Ralph has made my life and my work more fun for almost a decade now! So Happy Birthday, my Babble Brother! You’re known for your incredible impressions, but here’s my impression of YOU: you’re the best thing to come out of Philly since cheese steak! (If folks are looking to get Ralph a birthday gift, sign up for his solo show at @patreon, The Ralph Report at TheRalphReport dot com!) #KevinSmith #ralphgarman #birthday #hollywoodbabbleon #podcast #garmy

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