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Kevin Smith  Once, I was but an innocent egg. Until I was penetrated by a hockey-jersey-wearing sperm...


Happy #batmanday from wannabes Bluntman & Chronic (who'll return to the screen in #jayandsilentbobreboot)! For a fictional character, Batman has given my life so much. That's why I venerate the Dark Knight with the holy prayer Our Batman, who art in Gotham, cowled be thy mane! Watch the latest episode of #fatmanonbatman by clinking on the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #batman #bluntmanandchronic #thedarkknight #happybatmanday

Continuing new jersey week, here's my soundtastic Onomatopoeia crest! I co-created this @dccomics bad boy with @philhester & @andeparks for the #greenarrow to fight before #waltflanagan & I used him in my still-to-be-completed #batman mini-series, #thewideninggyre. He's silent but deadly, speaking only in #onomatopoeia (Blam!) as he hunts non-meta superheroes. As a longtime #dccomics reader, adding a small, silent spoke to their massive wheel of comic book characters was an honor. And when Walt & I finally finish Gyre in 2018, you'll finally know how homey came to be! The crest was drawn by Captain Crest himself, @jeffquigley, and built by Crest-Master General @jimedelston! #KevinSmith #dccomics #comics #supervillain

The key art for the new season of @comicbookmenamc (returning a month from today)! Many thanks to @tellemants, @mingchen37, @michaelzapcic & #waltflanagan for letting me toy with you boys for 7 seasons now! (And if you like the #comicbookmen and you're going to be at @nycomiccon in 2 weeks, come see our panel on Thursday October 5th at noon!) #KevinSmith #nycc #amcnetworks #amc #mingchen #mikezapcic #tesd #bryanjohnson #tellemstevedave

Thanks to my new jersey, I am the C.L.I.T. Commander! Many thanks to @jeffquigley & @jimedelston for putting one of my stupidest jokes from #jayandsilentbobstrikeback on a crest! Wanna dress like me from the waist up? Pick up one of Kev's New Jerseys at the @jayandsilentbobstash online store (link in my bio)! #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #clitcommander #jayandsilentbobssecretstash #hockeyjersey #jersey

I went to the @arclightcinemas to see @mothermovie with my wife and met Eric (@starbugger21) at the snack counter. At the #arclight, the staff put favorite flicks on their name tags. As you can imagine, Eric got a huge hug from the hack who made the flick he likes. I love going to the movies - but this trip to the cinema was made magical by a gentle reminder that I'm not always part of the audience: sometimes I get to do that shit too. And maybe I don't do it as well as others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for beholding, Eric! #KevinSmith #clerks #movies #movietheater #losangeles

My kid @harleyquinnsmith_ & my wife @jenschwalbach cosplaying as our dogs looks like some shit out of #truedetective Season 1. #KevinSmith #dogsofinstgram #dogsofinstaworld #dogstagram #dogs_of_instagram

The Season 7 Wrap Gift for @comicbookmenamc is this awesome dart board! I know there are lots of folks who'd love to throw darts at my face, but I couldn't bring myself to throw darts at me and my friends. My wife, however, will get lots of use out of it. #comicbookmen returns October 22nd but you can see me & the boys at the @nycomiccon October 5th! #KevinSmith #amc #comics #tv #dartboard #darts

This was the #clerks audition notice we put in the local paper back in 1993. We secured our Dante and Veronica through this low-tech, information-free little casting call, when both @briancohalloran & @marilynghigliotti showed up at the #firstavenueplayhouse in #atlantichighlands that night. The journey from script to screen began right here. Putting it in the newspaper made the dream of making a movie it feel more real. And before we knew it, reality became a dream come true. Big changes start small. And this little bit of ink would transform my life. Today's the day, Kids: start working toward whatever YOUR Clerks is. (Scan courtesy of Chewlies Gum Rep and former auditioner @scottschiaffo!) #KevinSmith #dream

I got to meet @billnye on the set of his show #billnyesavestheworld! And while I can't yet prove it to a mathematical certainty, I'm relatively sure he blinded me with science. Beyond that, #billnye was pure poetry in motion. SCIENCE! #KevinSmith #billnyethescienceguy #science #thomasdolby

Big thanks to @rosariodawson (seen here both wearing and groping her old Clerks II costume) for coming out to #redbank and @jayandsilentbobstash to guest star on a Season 7 episode of @comicbookmenamc! Rosario's role as Becky in that flick is the catalyst for her visit to the Stash in the ep, but that flick is the least of her geek-cred bonafides. Here's a short list that highlights her pop culture credibility: #clairetemple in all the @marvel shows on @netflix, #barbaragordon in the @legobatmanmovie, #WonderWoman in 3 different @dccomics animated flicks and Artemis in another, Val in #josieandthepussycats, Gail in the #sincity movies, an alien ruler in Men in Black 2, and Persephone in the #percyjackson flicks. Plus, she loves @startrek enough to speak a little #klingon and once co-created her own comic book called #occultcrimestaskforce. But as geeky as she gets, Rosario is also easily one of the single best actresses I've ever worked with. Her portrayal of Becky elevated not only the role as written, but also elevated Clerks II itself. I love Ro-Dawg: she's not only a great actress (and a fierce activist), she's also just a great person. #KevinSmith #rosario #rosariodawson #clerks2 #jayandsilentbobssecretstash #comicbookmen

I did shows at the @sanjoseimprov Friday & Saturday and the staff was kind enough to cosplay as me! Thank you to Sam (front row, Boston sweater) for loaning out his own personal collection of @nhl jerseys in an effort to make me feel a little more at home. After my SJ Q&A's, @ralphgarman rocked both of our BABBLE-ON shows - a feat he'll likely repeat when we Babble at the @breaimprov this weekend (link to tickets in my bio)! #KevinSmith #ralphgarman #sanjoseimprov #podcast #comedy #hockeyjersey #nhl

Happy Birthday #HollywoodBabbleOn! Almost every week for the last 7 years, I've sat beside @ralphgarman on a stage (usually the @hollywoodimprov) and made dopey jokes at the expense of our industry betters. Like all life-changing endeavors, Babble started small: I'd gotten to know funny Philly boy #RalphGarman over the course of many visits to @kroq for the @kevinandbean show. Ralph does a segment called The ShowBiz Beat that I loved sitting in on because it allowed me to stop promoting my shit and talk movies, tv, celebs and comics instead. Ralph and I shared an affinity for all things geek when that wasn't quite fashionable yet, so we were instant kindred spirits. One day, Ralph suggested we try to pitch a new show at #kroq where we'd do a weekend edition of The ShowBiz Beat. We recorded and submitted a pilot and were told "Nobody wants to hear people talk on the radio anymore." Dream denied: that was that. Then, after I opened my podcast theater #smodcastle in 2010, Ralph said "You wanna do that radio show idea as a live podcast from your theater?" I'd already been doing my #smodcast podcast for 3 years at that point so adding another show - this one solely about pop culture - sounded fun as fuck. And it HAS been fun (and a profitable side biz to boot)! Ralph and I have played sold out shows all over the world for 7 years now (tonight we're at the @sanjoseimprov) - all because we stopped waiting for an invitation to the dance and just started dancing instead. Happy Anniversary, Ralph - my Babble Brother! Thanks for always making me laugh, keeping me current, and giving me something to do every weekend! (Photo by Angel Avila.) #KevinSmith #podcast #hollywood

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