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cat🍁[NJ]  🏅Neil scored 104 steps in 30 seconds in the ITT pro challenge but had 104 steps disqualified🏅 Neil & Katya follow 💕 Nell De Jaunse's twin 🤷🏼‍♀️

• for the 4000th time, I really want to go on the cruise 😭 and I was supposed to be in Liverpool today and instead I'm sat in bed. Feeling depressed. Again. •

• as Neil said, AJ should (probably) respect his elders. Am I right 😂•

Is there gonna be a part 3 of Nell De Jaunse now you've got your own set? @mr_njonesofficial

• he low-key looks really young here but also hasn't changed much { I know what I mean } // also, I hope they have the best time on the cruise! •

• All truths // I hope they have a fantastic time on the cruise 💗•

• proud of my babes •
ok usually every post has Neil in but this is kinda a new theme so I'm posting this💗 also this is connected to Neil so yeah

• honestly one of my absolute favourite moments from it takes two in 2016 { besides their pro challenge obvs } // morning! Good luck to those going back to school / college. I believe in you! •

• spoiler alert. He didn't win it 😂•
When you get a headache because you've spend so much time ranting over strictly. 😭😂

• morning! I don't know why I'm awake. I was up until about half twelve internally crying over Ed & Katya { they're one of my absolute favourite SCD couples } •

• I don't know anything about football except it's Liverpool verses Bournemouth in some game tonight at 5:30. Come on Bournemouth!! •
Edit: we lost 3-0

• morning! •
I literally haven't got that much new contents to post so if it's not strictly stuff then it's gonna be throwback stuff

• who is up for more video edits? I might make a few idk 🌝•

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