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thatfoodgirl  Minneapolis food stylist, Ayurvedic Chef,recipe developer, Student of Western Herbalism and Ayurveda and cookbook author.

Procrastibaking and making @sarah_c_owens recipe for sourdough dark chocolate buckwheat cookies .... yum! The recipe is in her ‘Sourdough’ book. #sourdough #sourdoughcookies #procrastibaking #darkchocolatecookies #bakingwithbuckwheat

Beet carpaccio with charred kale gremolata, sheep feta and greens #beetsalad #notyourordinarybeetsalad #lunchsalad

Garden abundance today... creating so many projects ! #gardenabundance #summerbounty #homegrown #fruitful #fruitfullseason

One good thing about the lack of rain is that the sumac berries are maintaining their tartness, perfect for making sumac-ade, no lemons needed! Look for staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina, clusters that are a deep red and give them the ‘lick’ test (thanks @mallorylodonnell for the hint !) . Either brew in a jar with water in the sun for 8 hours or steep in boiling water like a tea. Sweeten either with honey or sugar if you like . #sumacade #sumac #rhustyphina #urbanforaging #forageddrinks

When your light fixture doubles as an herb drying rack.... #multipurpose #lowtechsolutions #lifeofanherbalist #dryingherbs

Breakfast bowl of black rice porridge with coconut milk, vanilla bean and cardamom with plums fresh from our tree, some purple basil and pretty pansies. #ricebowl #breakfastbowl #breakfastricebowl #blackrice #forbiddenblackrice #edibleflowers #putafloweronit #pansies #veganbreakfast

Don’t fret when your cilantro goes to seed...these little green seeds are like cilantro x100! Smash and mince and add to a marinade or salad. #cilantroseeds #cilantro #greencoriander

A little territorial squabble over a thistle between a bumble bee and a little moth #thistle #thistledrama #insectbattle

It seems like every gardener I talk to says they have sooooo much mint. I wanted to make it my mission this summer to make the most of what is abundant in my garden so am packing handfuls of mint into our ‘spa’ water as our favorite summer refresher. To help you appreciate this enthusiastic grower, here are some great benefits that mint has to offer that go beyond its fresh flavor . Mint can help aid digestion and is often used to relieve nausea, excess gas, motion sickness. It is also beneficial for treating common colds, coughs and asthma. Mint is also an excellent skin cleanser and is antiseptic and cooling and can feel great patting your face with chilled mint tea to treat skin inflammation. Come see me at the @lindenhillsfarmmarket this Sunday at 11:00 where I will be giving a cooking demo and chat about making the most of your summer bounty and incorporating more herbs into your meals. #mint #peppermint #makethemostofyourherbgarden #summerherbs

Happiest of birthdays to the man of many disguises @tom_thulen . My heart is full of love for you! 💜 #happybirthday #huskygram

Endless thanks for the lovely photos @msheykants and help with hair and makeup @stacyfortier1 ! It is so important for women in business to support each other !

Chefs and artists in action @uptownartfair Culinary Arts Competition today. @redrabbitmn Chef Todd Macdonald’s quenelle game is strong, @pimentokitchen Chef Emily @chefbaugu dances while she cooks and artist @eryn.artist gives her painting a little fire adding an spicy incense aroma. Chef @dewmanfraiche of @lowryhillmeats whisking up some hollandaise.