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thatfoodgirl  Minneapolis food stylist, recipe developer, Student of Western Herbalism and Ayurveda and certified Ayurvedic Chef and cookbook author.


Got out to prune my fruit trees before the snow got too heavy and have lots of plum and cherry branches for forcing blooms and branches for carving spoons, scoops, and butter knives . Message me if you want some branches for forcing or carving #plumbranches #cherrybranches #channelingmyinnerlumberjack

I so enjoyed having my beautiful girl home for winter break! But I had to return her to Milwaukee today so did an epic 11 hour round trip today with the kitten in the car

Fun to see Levi and his band play at @boomislandbeer tonight #livejazz #boomiskandbrewing #vibraphone

How fun... Tom's black oyster mushroom kit is sprouting! 🍄 #blackoystermushrooms #oystermushrooms #mushroomkit #homegrownmushrooms #indoorgarden

Perfect day for carrot cauliflower soup made more sunny with turmeric and more earthy with burdock root. Make good use of the entire cauliflower by using the core in the soup, which is puréed and don't toss out the leaves! Chop and roast them with the cauliflower buds with some ghee and garam masala #soupday #carrotcauliflowersoup #carrotsoup #cauliflower

Feeling the greens today with a comforting burdock, celery and kale soup with Arborio rice topped with parsley and lemon gremolata and a drizzle of EVOO #soupisgoodfood #soupseason #kalesoup #winternourishment #winterfood

Finally getting around to cracking the black walnuts I gathered this fall... tough nuts to crack but the aroma is intoxicating. Now what should I make with them? #blackwalnuts #toughnutstocrack

It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait it's 'Elasti-Cat'! #elasticat #willowthecat #catsofinstagram #calicocatsofinstagram