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thatfoodgirl  Minneapolis food stylist, Ayurvedic Chef,recipe developer, Student of Western Herbalism and Ayurveda and cookbook author.

So many great food trucks in Portland.... my favorite for the day is Viking Souls Food. Delicious meatballs with carmelized goat cheese gravy #vikingsoulfoodpdx #vikingsoulfood #swedishmeatballs #foodtrucksofportland

Mmmmaitakes for $15/pound! Thank you Portland Farmers market!

Make American rake again #makeamericarakeagain

Thanks so much for the wine break @faussepiste ! I love your wines and your passion for making food friendly wines!

Moment of Zen from the Japanese garden

Cheers! Excited to see this story I wrote for @experiencelifemag with some holiday healthy mocktail recipes with herbal wisdom too! #herbalcocktails #herbalmocktails #mocktails #healthydrinks #healthyholidaydrinks #cheers #healthywinterdrinks

Trying to embrace this cold weather by enjoying the beauty of the wintery landscapes #beautyofwinter #snowylandscape #snowinnovember

Cheers to my baby @beanybopaleany who is 21 years old today! Whew... where did the time go? #mybabyturned21

Many of you have been asking about my son and how he is doing . It’s been quite an adventure now that he has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes . Such a shock since we have no incidence of it on either side of the family . I’ve been getting an education and still so much more to learn about how to live well with this auto-immune disease. Today we made some cauliflower crust pizzas with spinach , squash, chèvre and bacon. I love creating in the kitchen with my boy and am so glad he likes to cook! #livingwithdiabetes #livingwithtype1 #lowcarbcooking

Happy Birthday to this brave night. Send love and light to my sweet boy who has been in the ICU all weekend. Please send prayers and light a candle for him. #lovemyboy

Boo! Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to roast the seeds.... they are a great source of vitamin E and dietary fiber . Oh and they taste yummy too #pumpkin #jackolantern #pumpkinseeds #roastedpumpkinseeds