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thatfoodgirl  Minneapolis food stylist, Ayurvedic Chef,recipe developer, Student of Western Herbalism and Ayurveda and cookbook author.

More ‘flower power’ today, this pretty shot by my friend @owenphotompls . This time of year every dog walk is an opportunity to gather more red clover and and wild rose petals to dry for making tea. Red clover is great for menopausal symptoms and has been traditionally used to balance hormones and stop mucus accumulation and acts as a diuretic and liver cleanser .#redclover #rosepetals #herbaltea #floraltea #flowersfortea

Elder flowers are blossoming so it’s time to make my elderflower and calendula facial serum to pamper and protect my skin. I’m infusing rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil with the elderflowers and calendula petals to give antioxidant protection to my skin #elderflower #calendula #calendulaflowers #elderflowerfacialoil #floralfacialserum #elderflowerfacialserum

Feeling summer with a classic combo and a few other yummies. Golden purslane from the garden and homemade roasted chive aioli with basil and @tom_thulen ‘s homemade sourdough bread. 😋 #blt #summerfood #purslane #goldenpurslane

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Summer goals.... eat more weeds! And purslane is abundant and so refreshing and succulent on hot days. I baked cod with jalapeños, lemongrass and cilantro lime coconut milk sauce and served with steamed black rice and a healthy handful of purslane. Yum! #purslane #eatmoreweeds #eatyourweeds #eatyourweedies #bakedcod

Inspired by @peepshotbox and their gorgeous spring rolls so I thought I would make good use of my fun spring garden greens and flowers before they all burn up in the summer heat #springrolls #edibleblossoms #flowerpower

Smell a gorgeous fragrance on morning or evening walks? Look up and see the Linden trees are beginning to flower. I adore the sweet fresh ‘green’ smell of them so am bottling up a lovely elixir with Linden blossoms, lemon balm, chamomile, red clover flowers, rose petals and lavender with a little pinch of motherwort. Linden, or Tilia spp. acts as a saporofic, which helps you relax and get a good nights sleep. #tiliaflowers #lindenflowers #lindenblossom #lindenblossoms #lindenelixer #lindenflowerelixer #tiliaelixer

Meet your new favorite super food... purslane, Portulaca oleracea. It is a highly nutritious leafy vegetable that willingly grows in sidewalk cracks and on edges of home gardens and is sadly seen as a weed and pulled and discarded. Purslane has extremely high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and significant amounts of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, B-family vitamins , iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium and copper. It has been used in Chinese medicine to treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids and intestinal conditions. It can also help soothe inflammation that occurs after a bug bite or sting. It can be enjoyed raw or cooked and has a delicious cucumber-y flavor. I am totally loving it in a salad with sugar snap peas and shell peas from my garden and chopped fresh mint and delicious preserved lemons from my friend @matt_barnes . #purslane #purslanesalad #portulacaoleracea

These little golden nubbins are called ‘pineapple weed’ and also wild chamomile, Matricaria discoidea. When you crush a bloom between your fingers you will smell a distinct aroma of pineapple 🍍, hence the name. Not only does it make a delicious drink syrup, it has some medicinal qualities as well. It has been used to help promote sleep and relaxation and relieve anxiety, boost the immune system, clean wounds and promote lactation. It tends to grow in tread-upon areas in sandy soil, such as near baseball and soccer fields, so for those parents spending hours watching your children’s sporting events, gathering pineapple weed can be a lovely way to pass the time.#pineappleweed #wildchamomile #matricariadiscoidea #wildflowers #pineappleweedtea

Making weeds look glamorous... fun working with my friend @owenphotompls making art with humble curly dock, Rumex crispus. Nutritious, medicinal and clearly very photogenic! #rumexcrispus #curlydock #yellowdock #urbanforaging #eatmoreweeds #eatyourweeds

If you are lucky enough to have this sweet plant in your garden now is the time to enjoy its delicate ‘chervil-like’ flavor. Chickweed, Stellaria media is a light and delicious green that loves to grow in moist, cool weather. It is very high in iron and zinc, and is in fact higher than domestically grown greens like broccoli and kale . Delicious on salads, sandwiches or this yummy garden veggie noodle bowl with black rice noodles and an onsen egg #chickweed #stellariamedia #wildedibles #urbanforaging #onsenegg #noodlebowl

Lush and beautiful wood nettles, Laportea canadensis, so beautifully line the paths in the woods. I recently discovered how absolutely delicious they are. A cup of tea made with the leaves is so aromatic and florally like a cup of jasmine tea. I can’t wait to experiment more with these fragrant nettles. #woodnettles #laporteacanadensis #nettletea

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