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Dan Tromp  Dutch Brit 90s face of cerebral palsy now I’m a actor/writer/voice artist,comedian who travels

This is one of the things that isn’t talked about enough in the uk but unfortunately having able bodied siblings isn’t easy for my disability image,ego and status as a disabled person but I’m glad I’ve helped them in their lives I always put disabled people and rights before able bodied people as there’s no equality, acceptance and awareness of disabilities in uk

With cerebral palsy comes mental health people who have cerebral palsy are twice as likely to have depression with epilepsy comes anxiety having cerebral palsy, epilepsy and anxiety hasn’t stopped me from living my best life #mentalhealthawareness

I’m looking forward to seeing this but I do have my doubts about this as a fan for example the transition from big screen to the stage but the movies have also had a short lived animated series in the 90s and has had a ton of video games in the franchise

What a wonderful day out to London with my art class I’d go here again absolutely amazing I’ve learnt a lot of new things although I should’ve taken more interest in art class at school finding Nijntje/miffy was amazing because she isn’t as well known as Babar the elephant or Winnie the Pooh as a family myself and my siblings learnt about her from our dad she was written and drawn by the dutch author Dick Bruna then she has become a cartoon #throwbackphotos

Having cerebral palsy, epilepsy and anxiety sucks because the anxiety episodes are brought on because of stress and worry a trigger of epileptic seizures though it’s in my adulthood that the anxiety has started but all three haven’t stopped me from living my best life and living life to the fullest #mentalhealthawarenessweek

Spent Saturday with my little but taller brother watching and reviewing Detective Pikachu #nostalgiatime #brotherlylove #90skids

If I’m not either screenwriting,doing voiceover roles,writing stand up material or having seizures and anxiety attacks I’m on my PlayStation playing one of these games. So many choices so much time #donthatethegamehatetheplayer #mypasstime

I can’t wait to see this movie I grew up on sonic the hedgehog and my comedy mentor Jim Carrey is in it so I’m super excited #2019isgettingbetter

I got sent this video yesterday these home made web shooters are amazing unfortunately they don’t hold long enough to Spider-Man can swing

I’ve unearthed some early footage shot by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale for back to the future with Eric stoltz as Marty mcfly side by side with the first movie as although they wanted Michael J Fox for the movie he was committed to a wonderful tv show called Family Ties.Eric shot only five weeks of footage before he got fired because of being difficult off set as he wanted the cast and crew to call him Marty once the cameras had stopped rolling. In my opinion Michael was amazing as Marty McFly as the trilogy will go down in history as my favorite movies than it’s the Star Wars movies #educatingpeople #classisinsession

I thought this game was only made for the movie I didn’t know it was real

In the uk something needs to be done other than disabled people mocking the able bodied community and sweeping them under the rug.Disabilities bring the uk it’s greatness,entertainment and talent the awareness is slowly coming to the uk but not fast enough the uk needs to stop talking about brexit and focus more on helping people who have disabilities #disabilityadvocate

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