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Gabriela Andrea  Chronically and mentally ill. Follow my journey. ~Chronic Pain Warrior, Medical mess~ SDiT: @chimi.the.chi

Happy belated Halloween! I've lost quite a bit of weight since last halloween, heck since august

I am heartbroken. So heartbroken. I wish I didn't have to say this, but my sweet Baby has moved onto Heaven. I am so thankful that I got 16 short years with her. I miss her kisses. I miss the way that she would always know when I was sad and needed a cuddle. I miss the way she would jut out her bottom teeth and walk around like a silly goose. I wish Heaven wasn't so far away. I wish we could visit every day. I'm so lucky to have had her. From the moment we first saw her in that cute little basket, to the moment I gave her her last cuddle. I will never, ever forget you or stop loving you. For now, let's say see you later. I love you my wonderful gift from God.

Looking back, I realize how much has changed in so little time. It feels like ages from these first two pictures. I was so unhealthy. I could rarely get out of the house. I had doctors appointments weekly. I was in a wheelchair almost every time I went out and if I wasn't using the chair, I was using my cane. I hated the life mine had become.
Fast forward to today. I have a job, a car, a SDIT, I'm out almost every day. I rarely use my wheelchair and I don't even remember the last time I used my cane. I'm no longer going to doctors appointments every week and I haven't made a trip to the hospital for a long, long time.
Things get better.

1st and 2nd pictures are of me back in 2016.
3rd is yesterday, my first day at work!

"Could we pretend that airplanes, in the night sky, were shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now." Wow can I just say my life is HECTIC! Not only are my illnesses flaring up, but so is the drama in my life. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to share but my nephew is moving in with us and my little sister has made future plans. I am still working with Chimi on his service dog in training things. I got a JOB. My first one. I am having multiple POTS attacks a day. I'm developing more MH issues. I can't control my emotions and sometimes my bodily movements. Today I had to use my wheelchair because I couldn't stand on my own. My wisdom teeth are coming in, I need new glasses, and kaedence starts kindergarten Monday! The 8th was the anniversary of the death of one of my best friends. In July, it was the anniversary of the death of my great grandmother. In June, Lilys grandpa got killed in a car wreck. And so on and so on. Life has been one crazy Rollercoaster and I for one would like to get off and walk for a bit.
If I had one wish right now, it wouldn't be for me. I'd wish that my family would be happy. Can I be a kid again?

Hey everyone! I know I suck at updating. I have had a pretty rough time lately. Depression is kicking my butt. And all of my other mental health issues flare up too. BUT I got a puppy. He's helping my depression and other MH issues so much. Go give his page a follow @chimi.the.chi
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Hey everyone! Please take the time to look at my best friend's shop. She sells: dog vests, dog and cat collars martingale or regular, dog harnesses, human medical masks, dog and cat leashes which are regular or hands free, fidget and weighted blankets, heated rice pack scented or unscented, treat bags, dog capes, seat belt leashes, key fobs, and pillows scented or unscented. I wouldn't be promoting her if I didn't truly belive in the quality of her products. I personally have ordered many things from her and am always beyond impressed with her work. I will continue buying from her homemade buisness as I find I need things. Please take a look at her shop:
 All money goes to helping her move in with me and supporting her finacially.
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Happy national best friends day! Shout out to the best of the best! Love you. Thank you for being MY best friend.
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This is the reality of CRPS. "This is how it feels" by Gabriela Baker
Image discription : female with cuts and bruises that is set on fire while being stuck with thorns. The purple lines represent the feeling of acid flowing through her veins. This picture is depicting all the different sorts of pain and stages of healing that come with CRPS.

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been so inactive. I GRADUATED highschool! So now I've just been study study studying for the ACT and SAT. So I've been preoccupied. I'll try and make a health update soon but basically I've been having a lot of MH problems and my pains been flaring but I went to Florida with my best friend @spoonless.kareboo and her service dog @percy.pupp.sdit . I had so much fun and really miss her as she lives there now. Please keep her in your hearts because she's in a major GP flare.
Anyways. I'm back! Love you all.

Sorry for the long overdo update. Recently I've been diagnosed with ADHD inattentive. The meds for it are really helping out with schooling and driving. Oh and I got my drivers license! Finally! I know, I know, I'm 19. Due to being in the hospital so much last year, I just couldn't do it. I've made new friends and I go to a new, wonderful, church. Things have been pretty good on the health front. I've completed my new year's resolution! It was to not be hospitalized at all this year! I'm excited for Christmas. This year, I will finally be able to enjoy a non stressful, peaceful Christmas. What are you doing for Christmas? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what holiday do you celebrate? Last night I babysat 5 kids for 6&1/2 hours! It was an amazing feat. It was very humbling to be able to spend time with such wonderful kids and bond with them. I've been singing in the worship team at my church. It's something I look forward to every week. I have two classes left before I graduate! Right now I'm taking physics. It's so difficult but I have a wonderful tutor whom I love spending time with. I also joined a small group, we call it a 5/9 group at my church.
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Day 5: a picture of an item that brings you hope.

So I know that a dog is an animal and not an item, but this little man is one of my biggest hope beacons. His name is Romeo Pineapple and he's such an inspiration. He's one of my two spoonie pups. He has chronic dislocations of most of his joints, spondylosis of the lower spine, arthritis, and chronic constipation. He never ceases to amaze me. We have the same triggers and he's so strong. He never fails to wag that tail of his despite being in pain.
Therefore, he's my hope beacon. If he can do it, then maybe, just maybe, I have a chance.
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Day 4: favorite quote and why.
My favorite quote is actually a Bible verse. Isaiah 41:10. It means a lot to me. It really gives me hope. This verse in particular keeps me grounded when I'm struggling. God's never going to give up on me. 💚

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