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Thank You Islam  This is a page that was started by two Muslim males 👳👳 looking for answers in life. Hopefully you can give us feedback on our thoughts. 😊

I used to live in Dubai. I had lots of friends. Good and bad. Lot of them. One person stood out. I loved him in the sake of Allah, I loved him like a brother. He was my moral compass. I always imagined him as the better part of me, always cared for others and treated them as he wanted to be treated. The most thing I loved about him is that he never expected anything in return. At least it was not apparent on him. A person like that is admired, a role model and the best friend anyone could ever have. And I wish that God never separates us and gathers us in heaven after deaths sets us apart.

Have not realised this until I have gone away from the middle east. I woke up today, feeling more fake that I have ever felt in my life. I felt like I changed so much since I moved to the western world. So much emphasis on money, sex and drugs. I started crying. The first time I cried since I got bullied in middle school, except now I am crying because I have committed the wrong, not because I was wronged. Hope that God forgives all my sins. Thank God for the blessing of Islam.

What are we doing here? And where are we gonna’ go?

It’s like we just woke up one morning,
And then it was, "Welcome to the show." Don’t ask any question, just go with the flow,
make as much money as you can and try your best not to get broke.

Copy everything you see on the TV from the hairstyle to the clothes,

And don’t think too often, just do exactly as you’re told

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