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“So excited! We recently had an incredible conversation with @kaymontano for our podcast, the episodes are up now! She is a make up artist extraordinaire, co-founder of the wonderful @thandieandkay, creative director and she is just lovely. She is a complete woman and such an inspiring person. Aaaah it was so good! ⠀
We discussed how she got started, her move to Paris, working in NY, how she strategically changed the direction of her career, what it was like to work with @Prince, what she looks for in a make up assistant and so much more. ⠀
Of course, we also discussed @thandieandkay and how that came about, working with Thandie and she made an exclusive product announcement on the podcast - whoop. As always, there was a special shoutout for a Janet's List brand - the lovely @floracurl gifted some goodies for this episode. ⠀
We also had a mini episode where we discussed the contents of her makeup bags (and ours as well!). ⠀
We've popped the link the bio, give both episodes a listen and if you enjoy it, do give us a written review on iTunes these make it easier for people to find us (and amazing WoC).⠀
News: Janet's List now has a closed Facebook Group to discuss all things business, money, women and diversity and for us to up our game on everything. Do join. ⠀

Have a happy Sunday all xxx J ™@janetslist

🖤“@mvxxx @adwoaaboah and Kesewa wearing @walesbonner womenswear in July’s @britishvogue. Photography by #TimWalker, styling @ibkamara, interview @oliviajsinger. Hair @jembomb, make-up @ammydrammeh@edward_enninful “ This is England Edward! X

“People have the right to call themselves whatever they like. That doesn't bother me. It's other people doing the calling that bothers me.”
Octavia E. Butler (😉 @victoriamahoney )
Photograph by @_xst

If you read one thing on the Grenfell Tower tragedy, may it be Ben Okri’s poem in the @financialtimes link in FT bio.
One year on.
Extraordinary writing, searing straight into the heart of it. Please read. #grenfelltower #benokri

“51 years ago today, the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in Loving v. Virginia to invalidate laws prohibiting interracial marriage in every state. Mildred and Richard’s courage should remind us that no matter how hard the forces of hate try to divide us, we have much more in common than what separates us. “ ™@kamalaharris #thelovings

“I found the mammy figurine with an apron notepad and put a rifle in her hand.” The Liberation of Aunt Jemima was born: an assemblage that repositions a derogatory figurine, a product of America’s deep-seated history of racism, as an armed warrior. It’s become both Saar’s most iconic piece and a symbol of black liberation and radical feminist art—one which legendary Civil Rights activist Angela Davis would later credit with launching the black women’s movement.
Taken from, continued in pictures... #reclaimthenarrative KayX

“But this will give you poetry..”
Recital from poet and ThandieKay guest @yrsadaleyward on @5wrightstuff@yrsadaleyward

“I know this place, it was my home..” Maeve.
Just watched episode 7 @WestworldHBO It clawed my emotions to shreds. It’s just TOO good!?! Huge applause to everyone involved 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 X Thandie

One of India’s leading contemporary photographers, Ketaki Sheth has a long-standing interest in questions of identity and representation. In this 2013 series, she features the Sidi, a people of African descent living in India. With origins in historic trade routes, they have called India home since the seventeenth century, adopting many of the conventions of dress, food, and ceremony characteristic of the subcontinent. At the same time, they maintain a distinct identity and culture.
There are currently about 70,000 Sidi living in India.
Descended from sailors, traders, and slaves, some continue to think of Africa as an ancestral homeland, but nearly all consider themselves Indian in every other way.
Most live in the western state of Gujarat and the southern state of Karnataka.
Sheth’s photographs are true portraits- insightful pictures of personalities living in Sidi communities. At the same time, her project explores the complexity of national and cultural identity and how this might shift over time.
With a group such as the Sidi, how does one begin to separate issues of nationality, ethnicity, and culture? And how much of personal identity is shaped by tradition and context? As touching as Sheth’s photographs are, they also remind us how complicated portraits can be.
An illustrated book titled A Certain Grace: The Sidi, Indians of African Descent, which includes an introduction by Mahmood Mamdani, is available from the National Portrait Gallery Shop or online via @nationalportraitgallery
#identity #origin #belonging #dna #multiheritage #henna #bangles #you #us #definition #culturalmashup #whatdefinesyou #yournarrativebelongstoyou
Being half West Indian- whatever that means..this story resonates with me. KayX

“Survival is not an academic skill, it is learning how to take our differences and make them strengths”
As always, Amen Audre.
via @broobs.psd @calendow KayX

#HBO are joining forces with @nypl to encourage summer reading. For more, see link in bio. #ReadingIsLit@hbo
Jumper (sweater😉🇱🇷) by @bella_freud

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