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#ThamiNeverLost  ALBUM "NEVERLOST" IS OUT๐Ÿ’ฝ Book me here.....

Don't tell them but I think I'm about to pop some *ish...

A lot has happened this year and I don't think I could count it all one by one. As an artist I experienced what to me seems like the hardest year so far. My music remained getting into new audiences and I invested with @gallomusicsa as much as we all could to keep everything working for the good of everyone and it being December I think we did a great job with everything that's happened. I also parted ways with my incredible manager @kimcopwatkins who I continue working with still but no longer on a full time basis. I single handedly with my friends @steve_morifi and @ss_sithole shot a self funded music vid (still to come) this was a true test for all of us but in the end an awesome project came out. And I am Proud. I also made the decision to finally get closer to my family for it is them that can hold my head up high without complaints. I also realised what a selfish friend I had been to all the people that had opened their arms to welcome me into the industry as a friend and Co-worker in the same industry. I had a brief teaching of who I need to be as a lover a friend a brother a son a nephew a cousin and as an artist.

I gainned my first SAMA award nomination. And got to perform on even bigger stages than I have before which gave me an indication of what the future holds for my music. I lost my band due to financial constraints and have burned a lot of bridges with sound companies and some artists I worked with out of vision and hard work not knowing that the both need a financial backing. As much as I wish I could sort you all out I wanted you all to know that I am working hard to put all my depts to rest....... I mean who doesn't owe any one?. The reason I am spilling all this out is because I have been writing an endurance test this entire year and I had to share with you all the good and the bad of what made my year

Next week I'm heading to church December is busy but I will have time for both business and family.

Stay tuned for my most amazing chapter yet. Called @thamishobede 's life in 2019. I have a feeling. It's gonna be amazing. And to all who I have wronged I wanna apologize and hope we can get past all of it. I could have been Nsiki Mazwai๐Ÿค”

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I came with everything for everything ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ“ธ@mnqobiluyazi

Take your time with everything

Everything you want is here /there inside you

Thank you @ntando_xv
Most awesome outfit

I am here with everything for everything ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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I am ready!

I touch the sky

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