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Smh Then we wonder why there's so much mental illness today.
we isolate ourselves,and put the mind into the phones. THEN when you lose YOUR PHONE you literally LOSE your MIND 😢#humanoids #tevincampbell Can we talk for a min? THIS is a little off of the subject BUT My mom tells me all the time to use both sides of your brain and to #keepthatphonebook full write contacts down #thegoodoldays #youdontknow phone numbers by heart😂 but good convos will leave seeds and impressions on the ❤

😂😂😂Men please stop posting your shoes like a woman does.your a #slave Michael Jordan nor does #nike give af about you.that's why the rich get richer because your like DOG under the table waiting for crumbs to fall or to drop. #gotem It's unnecessary and meaningless All it shows is that your truly insecure and trying to fix the outer issues when the problem really resides within .shot out to my boy kimora @linkfitness back in January on his birthday he took his off shoes and gave them to a man with holes in his sneakers. Kimora walked in his socks in the rain and got in that brand new #audi GOD bless him with not the #lowercasegod Satan .BEAUTIFUL SOUL and it looks good on you and something I have done in silence.INSECURITY screams for attention but the ONE WHO is HUMBLE and confident truly they are silent you represent yourself with out talking. not presenting yourself #thisaintamoviedog .WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY BUSINESS HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I AM A WITNESS TO THIS.GOD KNOWS I'm not perfect and I DO sin differently from other people sins. But um yeah..
#socialinsecurity #bitchmen #stackyourmoney but #giveaway at the #sametimeman #investinyourself 📈 #usetheoveninstead of the instant #microwavable popcorn. It taste better.

#fbf Anthony in kindergarten 1987

#Fbf Venus kassie Esther and I 1997

#Fbf my girls 1997 my Sasha Boobie Esther

#fbf me and @king7julio juju 96

#Tbt Anthony and @king7julio aka juju 1996

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