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Cerro San Luis • Costa Rica •
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Guava • Pamela • Candied Orange • brew method •
15.5 g beans with the ratio of 1:17. Blooming time of 35 sec will give you the clean complex taste of the cup with the after taste of Panela.

I want to wake up with a positive vibes, so I can start my day right. Sometimes I miss sitting up in the air and staring out from crew seat windows and quietly look outside watching the clouds. I believe in life it's up to you how you want it to be I tell myself everyday I will get better and move forward and not thinking about what has happen but what will happen that's what I can plan and control, I learnt to give I learnt to forgive I learnt that everyday I will achieve something better than yesterday, most of all I learnt to let go and that's makes my life happy.

Some said I'm a bad influence I'll say I'm a damm sick ass uncle, yeah boi.

บารมี. หลวงปู่หมุน หลวงพ่อกวย หลวงพ่อน้อย หลวงปู่บุญ หลวงปู่ทิม พ่อแก่เจ้าแสง.

See you in October; home.

Some said good beans bring good coffee, some said good brewer bring good coffee, soma also said good equipment bring good coffee ; but I'll say in brewing a coffee all of the components counts. •To be able to understand to coffee profiles how it was roasted how the coffee profiles should be , to be able to understand how to brew it using the practice method of yours control the pouring motions control the temperature and apply all the knowledge of your into it ;
•how to be able to to understands your equipment, using it grinder size how grinders works the residual effects on brewing coffee how the temperature being controls via kettles • it's too much of a coffee talk for a Saturday night it's time to sleep

That feeling !! I can feel it coming back.

You got to walk into the opportunity not opportunity walks to you, most of its time we just wait for the right time and let it find you but that's not how it works in the real working world; you have to go and seek and open that door and step..

It's is a privilege for me that I am lucky to have a chance to be around people who have so much passion in coffee, thank you for the opportunity that I get to see what it made to be come a world champ it's no such thing as an easy path for them to get where they are today, in fact they worked very very hard to get where they are and still humble.

Manual brew is art, it is beautifully how the brewer control the taste of the cup via pouring kettle just like how the painter paint via controlling his paint brush, and that I called art.

Ain't no thing

•Cup then brew cup then brew repeat.•

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