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Colby McGrew  Owner of two accounts a th7 heading to max and gonna start to trophy push soon and a th9 not maxed in masters one heading to champs

Not good loot but go a three on a almost maxed th9

Legend of the last lava pup

Did it almost to champions can't wait for titans

Sorry I've been to busy to post but this is my trophy push so far this has been really fun and challenging 👊😈

Ok sooooo... I just did this raid and didn't notice how much loot there was I just wanted dark elixir and that's all I looked at and I three stared it and saw the total loot and had a heart attack

The things you find in bronze

OMG NO!!! Wow can't play my game I always play it in the morning I guess this means this is the update

When you mess up and you don't know what to upgrade because you love to look at the full loot wow waiting for update to spend it all

I did it guys

Help me

I'm ready I want my lava hounds can't wait to practice with them

I've really got into the loonion raiding and it's been really good

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