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trish.  wouldn't mind being a chemical engineer but also wouldn't mind taking ayahuasca with peruvian shamans, father john misty & a pack of llamas.

://regent's park, ldn.

://#tbt to undyed hair & when my aspirations, ambitions & determination were higher than i am 70% of the time. save me from this lit review and another parcel delivery plz.

://at 80 (if i survive), i want to wear a mustard 3-piece ensemble that survived nuclear proliferation & teen depression & hold my husband's hand until we reach our home full of old people smells like warm milk, puppy hair & grandchildren's sandy hugs.

://this photo isn't dope cuz of what u can see, it's dope cuz of what u can't: a sari-clad bengali woman sweeping the front door steps on the phone to (presumably) her relatives abroad. in scotland. next to this quaint wall-embracing concrete forestry. cultural assimilation is the true art.

://14 yo me. debating making this my linkedin photo so it looks like i'm an indian engineering MALE child prodigy fresh of the boat with turmeric tainted nails and a masala spiced soul.
#puberty #beautyandthebeast #butterz #peng #pengting #ldn #innit #piff #pift #rememberme

://when ur quality of ur humour is as low as the quality of ur insta cuz u work in a bioeng lab 9-5 & the only aesthetic is bored, broken souls. but it's ok cuz tlc's 'waterfalls' is playing in the kb wrap queue & u should all go chasing self-love. also don't talk to me after 10pm cuz this is how i look. also s/o to #mariobadescu for fixing my caramel himalyan skin.

#sorrynotsorry #bored #tbt #beautyandthebeast #loveyourself

://mom, circa early 90s.

://to #ldn, with love a ldner.
this is a photo i took in dec when i was v. not ok (& it's ok to not be ok) at the #tate. the basement was left vacant for the public to diffuse in & out. these bumblefuck individuals chose to lie down cuz fuck it, the universe can be callous and unkind & shit, but it could also quantum mechanically conspire against Murphy's law (and parallel existentialist and nihilistic and solipsist philosophies) for u to have the best day ever. like today. idk if it's the solidarity of ldners since all abysmal, morally grotesque and unforgivable attacks or oscar winning a dog show for being a reasonably functioning & average dog (basically) or it's #pride or it's #eid, but today was a great day & i hope that ur all blessed with eternal great days and happiness and love. xo

://when ur hungover, on a crusade against alcohol/hive-induced acne aka catherine ZITa jones & family & u have a paper to present tomorrow, why not apply an uneven face mask & go around revealing the inner texas chainsaw massacre psycho that u truly are. this also goes against my normal feed but who gives a shit when @snax_cafe won't even deliver u food to ur door. also, it rly hurt to blink & smile. also, also #nofilter #nomakeup @thehivenightclub
#horror #beautyandthebeast #facemask #realme #psycho #beautytips #pretty #girl #meme #funny

://tbt to a year ago when i had long hair, ate ice cream & didn't know what an eyelash curler was. at least i still eat ice cream diluted with the tears of frustration, anxiety and longing for my #asos parcel.
#tbt #icecream #girl #saturday #summer

://some light-hearted tory satire for ya'll to dabble in this #snapelection! no matter if you're this ardent political zealot or someone that knows squat about jezza's, lady may's or the other chap's policies-you have fundamental ideologies and visions for ur country which will align somewhere, so plz plz go #vote. esp young women below 30s who statistically are the least likely to vote, remember the #suffragettes! ❤️💙 ALSO GIVE ME FREE SHAMPOO CUZ #productplacement ALSO MAKE ME FAMOUS @tresemme @buzzfeednews @bbc
#election #snapelection #generalelection #uk #2017 #labour #tory #conservative #politics #jezza #jeremycorbyn #theresamay

://gals, gals, brown gals. miss you!

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