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Tony Gonzalez Videos  Online Coach | NASM CPT | Creative Living in Los Angeles, CA 🌴 💻 @EvogenNutrition Code: TONY15 ⬇️ Newest YouTube Video

The face you make when you get word that @evogennutrition has released not one, but TWO new flavors of #LipocideIR 🔥 I had the opportunity to try both new flavors out last week (Jungle Juice 🍍 🌴 and Cali Time Tea) and the taste is UH-MAY-ZING.
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Progress Check ✅

When bulk is part of life and you didn’t wanna share this photo at first because you weren’t shredded. But fuck it, let’s all be real here - bulk is part of the process, like it or not. I ain’t perfect, neither are you let’s start being more real about shit. Who else is tired of everyone else being fake? I know I am. -
👉🏼On a side note - I just uploaded a new YouTube about how to not give a fuck about what other people think so I thought this photo was a solid choice. Check it out fam, link in bio.

👉🏼 READ: Do something because you love doing it. This is something that we often get away from when we lose track of our why. To be 100% honest, I’ve been someone who’s taken my worth and if anyone even cares about what I do just from the amount of likes, comments, views and number of my following count for the past few months. I got away from my real reason why I spend HOURS editing, filming, and uploading content. I got away from what my mission was, and kept getting discouraged when I would see nobody watching my videos or even recognizing something I posted. Does it feel good to know you put hours into something only to have 10 views? Depends how you look at it, if I impacted just ONE of those people. ONE. Then fuck yes it was worth it.
We live in a day and age where we focus too damn much on how many followers we have, how many views we get, and how many likes we get. Honestly who gives a fuck? So many of these big accounts buy likes, buy followers, buy views just to look more popular. We get caught chasing this feeling of worth from a number, and that’s not why I do this. My goal is and always has been to provide hope, provide inspiration to people who WANT to be inspired. You don’t want to be inspired or positive? Click the unfollow button, this isn’t the page for you. If you’re here for pictures of just me shirtless, click the unfollow button. Look - we live in a world that is more depressed, has more anxiety, more overweight and less healthy than ever before. I’VE BEEN THERE!
Mental health correlates directly with how you look, bottom line and it’s the most important aspect of life. Not a fucking 6 pack, a 6 pack ins’t gonna make you a better person. If you think getting ripped, shredded or any of that shit is gonna make you more confident, more happy and more fulfilled I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re wrong. If you aren’t any of those things now, that’s what you need to work on. Yes the gym will help you, but it’s not the 1 answer. Confidence comes from self-love, self-respect and loving yourself the way you are. The gym should ADD to that, it’s not the 1 source.

Don't forget to work those glutes fellas 😂

If you’re only giving 50%, 60%, or anything less than your absolute best, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself you let you down. Quit blaming something else and someone else for your own problems. Take accountability for your own life because nobody is going to do it for you. Playing the victim just makes you look weak. If you don’t like something - change it. Fight, work, learn, do everything in your power every single day to become a victor and not a victim. There is no excuse in not living up to your fullest potential, you are your only limit.

Get this week started right! The weekend is just about over. If you ate too much, move on. If you drank too much, move on. Skipped your workout? Move on. It's a new day, a new week - become better this time and leave the past in the past, but learn from it to meet your goals for this week. Nobody is perfect right away, consistency takes time, it's learned through discipline and failures. Now let's get back to work‼️‼️ @evogennutrition

You are so much stronger than you think. You are beautiful, you are strong and you are worth it. Start acting like it. ❤️💪🏼

When bulk is life 😝😝 guys don’t let this industry get you down, nobody I repeat nobody stays 5% body fat year round. It’s not healthy, and it’s not sustainable. I used to see these big fitness names and think “damn, I wish I could be shredded like him all year around like he is.” Guess what? THEY HAVE PHOTOSHOOTS! Sometimes from MONTHS or YEARS ago, and they just save the content to post later! Don’t get it twisted, you can maintain an awesome physique year round, but you will not be shredded to the bone all year. I used to always get down on myself when I couldn’t see my striations, but guess what.. you have to love yourself! Love yourself for where you are and from where you have come. If you want to get shredded for summer, for the beach, or just for yourself. I encourage it, but just don’t get down on yourself when you realize it can’t be kept all year. Plus, who doesn’t love some donuts and heavy lifting? #LoveYoSelfMonday
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Who else is doing legs today? Tag a friend who goes MIA on leg day 😂 #givemeallthecarbsandnoonegetshurt

TAG someone who skips abs/core below! 👇🏼
I can’t stress enough how important it is to integrate core training into your exercise routine. Your core is NOT just your abs! The core is mainly made up of the pelvis, abdominals, obliques, lower back. If you’re looking to integrate the core into more of your workouts there’s a few simple steps that I integrate: -
1️⃣ Ditch machines when you can. Focus on using more free weights and cables. You can literally perform an entire workout on these two pieces of equipment.

2️⃣ Use a Swiss Ball instead of a flat bench. By using this piece of equipment you will force your core to activate. You can use this for something as simple as a crunches, to a dumbbell chest press. Not to mention, you’re going to SWEAT a lot more and end result? Burn more fat, and get those core muscles to SHOW MORE!
3️⃣ Challenge YOURSELF! Try doing things on one-leg, Bosu Ball Squats, and using some calisthenics. If it doesn’t challenge you - it doesn’t change you! Ditch the crunches, do more movements involving the core and you’ll get those summer abs without even thinking about it!
🚨5 Phases of Fat Blasting & Muscle Building Workouts with Video Demonstrations & Custom Fat Loss/Cut/Bulk Diet Plans available for males or females. Click the link in my bio to get started now 👉🏼@tonygonzalezfit

✳️Increase the isolation on your biceps w/ these Kneeling Straight Bar Cable Curls! If you aren’t using cables to train your arms read below on WHY they’re a good choice ⬇️
Cables allow a more fluid, and controlled movement - this movement will engage additional muscles for stability (mainly your core) since you will be pulling on the cable and your core will need to work harder to support the tension and angle of the movement. The cables allow you to get unique angles, and increased tension that you wouldn’t typically get from a dumbbell or a barbell. Keep your back straight, and keep elbows in a fixed position and tuck them into your sides to perform this movement properly and avoid injury.
Start out with performing 1-2 sets of 15-20 reps with a lower weight to get the movement down, and squeeze at the top for 1-2 seconds to get more blood into the muscle (thus tearing it more, and you getting a better pump and better gains once you recover). After your 2 warm-up sets, perform 4 sets of 8-10 reps each as your working sets with a 2/1/2 tempo ➡️ 2 seconds on the upward movement, 1 second hold, and 2 seconds returning down (do not fully extend, you should maintain a slight tension on the bicep).
Tag a gym buddy below and try this out on your next arm day! 💪🏼💪🏼

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