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Tony Figs  Tony GoodVibeTribe. 3rdEyeTribe. "Don't beg for things, do it yourself; or else you won't get anything" #ventureon 🌎

Ciao Baby

Camping in Acadia was pretty awesome with amazing friends like these. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to go with. #staywild #ventureon #Spaghotti #bruscotti

Don't get in your own way living life. #ventureon #staywild #oldphoto

Hanging out in nature is my favorite thing to do. #ventureon #staywild PC: @liam416

I just need to get this off my chest. This seemed like a good place to just lay it all on the table. I've been struggling over the past few years with my mental stability. I just want to say sorry to everyone who's been in contact with me the past few years. I'm a very difficult person to be around and I apologize for that. I'm trying to fix myself. My illness has been getting worse. I specially over the last few months. It's not an excuse for my actions and the way I am. I'm not looking for any special treatment or anything. I just want any to say sorry to my friends and family. I also want to say thank you to those who have stuck with me. I feel alone and isolated all the time. My depression has been eating away at me for so long I don't know what it feels like to not be sad. The only thing that distracts me from these feelings are my friends and family. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them. I just needed to say that. Again, this is not a call for help or anything like that. I just felt this needed to be said. It helps me when I say what's on my mind instead of holding it all in. Thank you to whoever read this. Sorry it's so long.

Here's to you dad. Happy Father's Day. I found all the old photos and decided to share them with the world. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. #happyfathersday

This trip was pretty amazing, but what made it even better was the people I was with. Beauty is meant to be shared and I'm glad I got to share such a beautiful experience with such amazing friends. I hope this is the start of many more adventures this summer with the best friends a guy could ask for. #ventureon #staywild

Living day to day has been tough.

I'm just saying it's a bummer man, sorry for interrupting. I guess I'll go!

You can find beauty everywhere in this world. #ventureon #staywild @dylanthomasmaney

Yesterday's sunrise👌🏻 #ventureon #staywild @dylanthomasmaney @kevinvivo

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