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Task Force Black  #LLTB . DM for advertisement 📩

These two fuckers were planing to ambush our guys but Op toke them out with Snipers before they do anything stupid!
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Sensitive Photo!
We do bad things to Bad people, only to BAD People!
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Thanks Pussies!
The question is if you don’t like these type of things why the fuck you follow my page? Fuck you with your fuckin sense of humor! ( To my pussy ass followers)!

This motherfucker was hiding here, he thought we couldn’t see him, he was killed the moment we saw him.
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#DeadTerrorist #Shitbag #Badguys

Top or Bottom??
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French SAS operator!

We arranged the meeting, God will do the rest!


Never forget those before us and those amongst us! #LlTB #FallenHeroes

Black Hawk Down #Vets #War #Soldier

Some badass Green Beret Operators on a fight in Afghanistan.

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