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Transformer Theme Songs  ♪stay jazzy♪ ^ 🔻Transformers🔻 ^ ★sting like a bee★

I'm not really feeling this, but I kind of am....ya dig? This is gonna be my only post for the next two weeks by the way :)
Windblade (IDW) - Song: Out of the Darkness by Matthew And The Atlas

*nervous laughter* ☆☆☆
Song : Worth Fighting For (Otero Remix) by Rico & Miella
☆☆☆ (art is not mine, it belongs to the artists)

so I made a prowl x jazz edit yesterday, and I hate myself so much for it omg 😂 I don't know if I want to post it or not though.

Swindle (IDW) - Song: Rack City by Tyga
I stumbled upon the SwinBlurr shippers while looking for a picture and I spent a good hour just looking at those pictures before I finally got myself together and found one of just swindle, albeit not a good one...
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Song: I'll be your Reason (FURY Remix) - Illenium

Posting this for the third time because for whatever reason, I don't fix it before I posted it. I'm horribly lazy. The actually quality is now better. Still sucks though, but it's one of my first edits so don't expect much :)

Smokescreen (TFP) - Song: Unstoppable by The Score
I'm literally going to see Transformers: The Last Knight again in a few days 😂😅 Whenever I see a bay movie I have to remind myself that it's it's on continuity and it's not G1 or IDW. After you get passed that, they're actually kind of good.
#tfp #transformers #themesong #smokescreen

Okay, so this film was very action packed like all the Bayverse movies. I liked it, it was fun, but it also had its weak point. It still has the issue with having too much attention on the human characters, and some annoying sub plots, and I felt like several things were missing. But the action was spectacular. The film really kept you on the edge of your seat, and we did get to see a little more character in the bots than with AoE (I think). I appreciate the new action, but once again, it follows the same as the others; human intro, something bad happens, gotta save Earth. But overall, I enjoyed the film, and I would actually go watch it again. But this time I'll be a little less stressed the entire time. :) I hope you all enjoy this film.

100 followers?! Thank you all so much! I know this isn't anything special, but I just saw the 100 followers and had to post :))

Starscream (IDW) - Song: Footsteps - Pop Evil

I love this song, and I love Starscream. I actually had several other songs planned out for him, and I'll probably post them later. Also I can't wait for TLK on the 20th, but I seriously don't want Crosshairs or Drift to die, because every time there's a character I like, they end up dying. And I ain't about being sad for robots anymore. Yikes.

Jazz (all?) - Song: Changed My Mind by E-Dubble ☆
《Art belongs to bluezooms on tumblr》

Tarn : New Charlotte by DuRu Tha King
Hey, sorry about the wait and the boring watermark, Flipagram is being douchey again. Thanks and enjoy :) #transformers #song #themesong #tarn #transformer

Starscream TFP - Song: Sucker for Pain by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons
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