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ArtistDevelopment(Terry Wells)  Developing the next generation of young artists who will bring the Love, Dignity and Soul back to Black Music. Location: Nu Jeru

Did this go over Everybody’s head???? I’mJusayin

‘Black Panther’ Is Not The Movie We Deserve’ Interesting analysis of Black Panther by Christopher Lebron of BostonReview.net warning : see the movie first.

Judging by the success of Black Panther, It appears that even white people are tired of seeing Black people portrayed as the usual criminals, hoes, clowns and assorted tragedies.

The subliminal mind doesn't know the difference between real and imaginary. How can we dream big if we don't see characters who look like us doing extraordinary things?

Repost from the young genius @lgp_qua . I'll let him speak for himself.

Let's focus on our dreams and solutions to our problems.

Send an email to the commercial sponsors that you will not buy their products until Kap is signed and they donate to police reform orgs like cop watch, BLM, etc. #dontwatchdontbuy

One of my favorite insects. #prayingmantis . Farmers cherish them as they devour pests. Even has a #Kungfu style named after it. #buglove

Repost from @jdmccrary.  Please enjoy this Michael Jackson tribute for Michael's birthday from this awesome young man. In an age where rappers are doing all the singing ,  it's inspiring to hear a real talented young singer who was born to sing! oh and he can do a mean human beat box too!

How many want to see this biopic? I don't want any credit. I just think young people should know about the man whose record sales built the Capital Records Building. And how racists whites boycotted the sponsors of his popular tv show. We could learn a thing or two from them.

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