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Kristen  💟Published Texas based model 💋1800 CCS Dr Revis 👻: texasironbarbie 📸 Bookings: texasironbarbie@gmail 💻My videos! ⬇️


Well @femmuscle007 loves me; dunno what id do without this amazing woman in my life!!

Apparently Kroger thinks its funny to tease the fit girl trying to hunt down the new halo top flavors?!?! Seriously all of Wisconsin has these now when does Houston get them and what about that damn pumpkin one 🎃?!?!

Laying out with my girl getting some tan lines! Hoping I dony get kicked out at my gym for wearing the g string bikini from @malibustrings !!!

Sunday is always my hardest leg day😋.

Guess we will do a little throw back Thursday ! Pic on the left was 2007 when I was married and literally ran after every meal to stay that small. Pic on the right is a recent one of me with 5 days of weight training and 30 mins of cardio 3x/week. I've built muscle and no longer run myself ragged trying to workout every calorie I eat by drowing myself in cardio . The truth is the entire year I've spent dropping 60 pounds I've never done more than 3 days a week cardio for 30 mins each. This life doesn't mean you have to spend your entire life in the gym, it is absolutely attainable to have a normal life and enjoy the things you love. That girl on the left felt like she could never eat more than 1000 calories a day. I never went below 1800 calories a day for the past year and was never starving. I have a better body and weigh less now than I did, so for me the choice Is pretty clear which way of life I pick! I thank God I found the iifiym and flexible dieting because it saved my life and showed me a better way. When are you ready to make that switch? By the way I really had A cups to start 😊.

I wasted a lot of years dating all the wrong men who never made me feel wanted, loved, or respected. Its taken me a solid year to heal from my last abusive ex and grow into a beautiful woman that I love that is 100% happy on her on. I think relationship are one of the hardest things to make work especially in todays world; it takes two people to build it. I want the man that worships the woman that all my exes walked on. I don't want the love I can live with, I want the one I can't live without and more importantly I need to be that to him & I'm not sure that exists anymore . photographer: @popeyesix
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