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3/3 But this is sure, soon, all your days will become better and better. Not because nothing bad will ever happen again but maybe, because you'll see things clearer then, or because you'll become stronger. So for now, feel, breathe, take your time. Life will make sense again, flower child! 🌻 - a note to self

2/3 Some days though, are just bad as they really are, or they become worse -- just when you thought you're doing good at keeping everything together. Suddenly, you can't understand anything anymore...

1/3 There are days when you can only think of the the good things. Like when hurting legs meant you've done something happy or when being tired meant you did well at school or work that day. You're always positive because you've taught yourself well...


Fact: Ang marami sa Pinto ay hagdan. πŸ˜‰

The joyful waiting - for your Uber πŸ˜…



You don't say

What filter?

Oh how I live for the sun rays β˜€οΈ #BaliwNa #HiloNa

It felt familiar, felt like home

Happy Father's day to my man up there.

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