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Tessa Grimm👻🐍  UofL Large Coed / GT Chrome • CA Black Ops almuni • 2X World Champ • NCA & NCA Collegiate Champ • ••Plant Based♑️Capricorn••

My besy is twauny juan n the world is not safe. I LOVE N MISS YOU SO MUCH MAMAS! Party extra hardy for me❤️

Hi friends. I miss you guys. Come home.

Issa black out🖤

Here’s a random lil compilation of baskets just cause. Happy Wednesday✌🏼

Poms up if you’re going to the UofL cheer college-prep clinic this weekend❤️ if you are interested in cheering on the cards, definitely sign up for the clinic!!! It’s a great way to get a feel for the team. The clinic is this Saturday October 6th from 12-5pm. Register at gymtymeallstars.com! Who am I gonna see there?

Saturday’s are for the cheerleaders

Sending the happiest birthday vibes to my Brynn babyyyyy! Hope the non-teen years treat you better than any man could😘

Peace out VA✌🏼

Virginia, we comin’ for ya

Big game day gorls

Gotchoo seein’ double👯‍♀️

Tomorrow’s game day my dudes❤️ peep the ring tan lines😂 should I go live tomorrow when I’m getting ready? Let me know👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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