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Tessa Grimm👻🐍  UofL Large Coed // GT Chrome Cali Black Ops almuni • 2X World Champion •••Vegan♑️Capricorn••• CA —> KY

My two comp day moods

Celebrating a modern day Hannah Montana’s 20th trip around the sun⭐️ thank you for all the birthday wishes friends. Here’s to Capricorn season and another year on Earth👽🖖🏼

Elsa and Sia spotted wondering the streets of Louisville❄️

First day back to school and all I can think about is what my dream about @ghastly last night meant.🤔 Also that last video is a big mood cuz my birthdays this weekend🤘🏼

Missing these electric feels⚡️

⭐️I danced my way into the new year. New me, who dis?⭐️

I’m a cow, I go mooooooo🐄

You don’t want these cards❤️🖤 #beatkentucky

Happiest birthday to my beautiful shinning star of a roommate! I love you so much my Libby girl! Live it up for Capricorn season love!❤️

This picture is so legendary honestly. Some of the best coaches in the game🖤 so happy I got to see my cali fam last week and I can’t wait to see the rest of them in 4 days

Cali-fam is forever🖤

Go cards sweetieeeeee👯‍♀️

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