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Tessa Grimm👻🐍  UofL Large Coed / GT Chrome • CA Black Ops almuni • 2X World Champ • NCA & NCA Collegiate Champ • ••Plant Based ♑️Capricorn••

Not the ones that look like socks🧦

Bringin’ that gold bid back to the ville💰 can’t wait for the rest of this season with my twinny❤️

All-American round ✌🏼with some honey’s

NCA camp with grandpa❤️

Big pool day today makin’ me wish I was back soakin’ up them Sicily sun rays🌞

The time has come. After the annoying process of my laptop continuously deleting footage, breaking down, not uploading, and me having to remake this video about a million times.... EPISODE 3 OF KEEPING UP WITH THE CARDS IS FINALLY UP ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! Click that link in my bio to check out our Daytona experience! Make sure you give it a big thumbs up to give my channel some support and comment what you guys think! Also subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on my latest uploads!❤️

Here’s some gems from when my hair was purple💜also 6 days ago was my one year vegan-niversary🌷

Stay in your magic✨

Wish I could go back to this moment, in my element, wildin’ out to @officialrezz 🔮🖖🏼 ft. My Friday the 13th tat✋🏼 #audiotistic

Got to channel my galactic gypsy vibes at audiotistic this weekend thanks to @iheartraves #ihrstyled 🌈🔮

Mood for audiotistic this weekend🔮

Yesterday, I got my hair did.

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