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92 degree weather. No makeup, Slip dress, & sandals ✨

Today's tanning goals ✨✨✨ #2016

Over 36 months of visits to Rikers Island & the Tombs. Two Supreme Court trials in an 8 month radius, and now, extended car rides hours away just to sit ,and talk across a table with you. I testified for you, I prayed for you, I shed tears with you, and now I wait for you. I was there when they were looking for us, I was there when they threatened us, I was there when they laughed at us, and now IM STILL there by your side as they all watch us flourish. There's levels to this growth, and we've mastered it together. #GROWINGPAINS #mybackbone #mybestfriends #AlwaysUs #Neverthem #021617 #teddybearsdaughter

I dress up sometimes ✨✨✨

Once up on a time ❤️

"Spiritual solitude is a huge component in self evolution" I Love you so much @princessnokia • it feels a lot powerful to hear these words from a woman you can identify yourself with , a woman from the same city, same ethic background, & the same age bracket. I needed this so much today 🙏🏽❤️✨ #ihadtobealone

Tuesday ✨✨


We read each other's mind a lot ✨ two of the same kind ❤️


26 🎈

Somewhere unbothered, surrounded by nothing but good vibes ❤️✨

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