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Tessa!  I want world domination just like everybody else

It is FridAy,,here is an uncomfortable thing on my thigh !!!!

Happy v day here is a pic of Brittany and I in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. Remember that everyday is luv day and u should probably hug ur friends all the time and if they don't like hugs &consent deems fit, stick flowers in their bums :)

I wish that I knew what I were doing more often than the current 60 percent mark I hit on occasion. Sometimes I feel like the things I paint are just thoughts thrown in a reckless abandon, as if I am not able to hold them steady. Shame on me & this lack of artistic purpose!!! *drags brush slowly down canvas*

Happy at the march w Happy, the golden poo(✨) and the beautiful people of North County (✨💕✨) this weekend was both medicine and inspiration.

Enjoys the discomfort of a cold shower & thinks of absolutely nothing

B E Ks

Things just as this look better from a distance or an angle or best with your eyes shut

Pho, noodle me hard pls

Bonjour, Monsieur Doodle! From where did u CREeep ?!

Joan Mitchell's Terrain Vague (1965) maybe I got too close to this but maybe it was already too personal and I wasn't the only thing invading space *_*

Happy new year from me nd my mothr freakin pits