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Tessa!  I want world domination just like everybody else

Guts before the platform is sterilized

From birth Botticelli's Venus is confined to her infamous modesty and now in extraction, the fabric of my backpack!

Why my closet does not contain more winged things is a question to be asked !!

A possibly possible dialogue between composition of Modigliani's seated nude (psychoanalytical portraiture/ what's neW!) and the "bruised feminine flesh" characterized so freaking well in the works/writings of Anais Nin ::} currently in the midst of Ladders to Fire and her unpacking of the self and its relationship w the world is making my knees feel like JELLO!!

Abre los ojos :~~]

A witchy spring !!!

Here is an older thing that seems to be moving with me quite gracefully as I formulate a paragon of sorts that will emerge from liquidy depths in attempt to rob society of its epistemic maleness and squeeze through the phallocentric (word of the week/thnk u Derrida) barriers that grow weak with every instance of outed ignorance!! ~~ cue restless laughter here~~~Anyways, I luvVV bath bombs and these red/ yellow juxtapositions speak to me mostly in terms of condiments and overpriced ball park hot dogs! Just yr #normal #bathtimethoughts

Lectures on sensitivity

From the diaries of a twenty year old who cannot clearly distinguish the difference between despair and deep thought !!! 🙃🙃🙃

Here we see Mars, apathetic as per usual, cradling the burdensome Venus with her over indulging, irrational fem self!! 888)))

Psychopomps, in consistence with the generosity of companionship and a universal distaste for being alone. An ego splitting wonder!!!

I don't think I'd ever be disappointed asking Joel for some sass

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