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Tessa!  I want world domination just like everybody else

Thought stream, something about the female form;; corporeal but not limited to the physical restraints present in extended material, it is an abstract thing that is in flux and constantly evolving !!!
But also it seems as if, and according to Darwinian thought -that the human (corporeal form) amongst other species is also constantly undergoing some sort of change, a process {however} that is in itself a complex mechanism and not as readily manipulative (asides from things such as gene selection) as our relationship with the culturally constructed form of the femme :::) !
*Metaphysical influence a Descarte!!*

Judith Slaying Holofernes. By Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the most profound artists of the Baroque. #womeninarthistory

DrEAm jawline but I do prefer my teeth solid in their sockets! !!

It is FridAy,,here is an uncomfortable thing on my thigh !!!!

Happy v day here is a pic of Brittany and I in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. Remember that everyday is luv day and u should probably hug ur friends all the time and if they don't like hugs &consent deems fit, stick flowers in their bums :)

I wish that I knew what I were doing more often than the current 60 percent mark I hit on occasion. Sometimes I feel like the things I paint are just thoughts thrown in a reckless abandon, as if I am not able to hold them steady. Shame on me & this lack of artistic purpose!!! *drags brush slowly down canvas*

Happy at the march w Happy, the golden poo(✨) and the beautiful people of North County (✨💕✨) this weekend was both medicine and inspiration.

Enjoys the discomfort of a cold shower & thinks of absolutely nothing

B E Ks

Things just as this look better from a distance or an angle or best with your eyes shut

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