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  << runs with wolves >>

Enjoying a lil’ tubby time doggy paddle.

Would v much like to get the band back together.

Still one of the greatest smells on earth was the tall grass in the middle of summer smelling all sweet from baking in the sun.

Just found this on my phone and cannot stop laughing and now we’re all parents and good grief who let us procreate?

6 whole months of Juniper James.
Also the only photo where she isn’t smiling but also blurry AF because she never stops moving is the one where she’s starting intently at my sandwich so I guess she’s def mine.

V lazy Saturday indeed.

My dreams always get weird when my life gets hectic. I mean, it’s not surprising. With OK traveling for work 3 days a week, single parenting, a sinus infection, and our impending move across the continental divide, I keep having very literal stress dreams (I’m treading water all alone in the deepest part of the ocean; I’m late for an event and can’t find anything I need and no one understands why I’m so tired etc etc). And then, somehow, Speedy always shows up and then I know what to do. It’s just me and this horse.
I don’t know what any of it means but what I do know is that I’m always grateful this painted boy comes to visit me when I need it the most.


The best part about having a baby is putting them in ridiculous outfits because they can’t do anything about it.
Also, I’m dead over this bunting Mum made.

Favourite neon souvenir from M+Ds garden.

My parents have a constant battle over whether or not Black Eyed Susans are allowed in the garden. It would appear that after 34 years my mother is winning.

It’s my favourite weather season. ☁️🌧☁️

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