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Happy Valentine’s Day to my one true love!
Photo: @shariandmike

About to become my new dining room table. Well worth the 7 am trek to the bowels to Chilliwack and climbing into the rafters of a barn.

I don’t care how tacky people say they are, I love carnations forever.

Tell me all the good things that happened to you.
2017 was mostly challenging (I’ve been known to refer to it as a garbage fire on a few occasions) but there were some real good rays of light in there too.
This little two-toned, 15-ish hands worth of grump and magic and this sandy corner of the earth have always been a good bit of light in the dark. Getting to share them both with my Mum was a true joy.
Photo: @shariandmike

Boxing Day walkabout.

Happy Boxing Day from Shirley.

Mum made this outfit for the babe and I never thought I’d be the type of woman who cried over baby clothes but here we are.

This season has felt particularly wild and we have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the very best of the best through it all. Those that are always looking out for us and always willing to provide shelter from the storm. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance, make sure you let your loved ones know what they mean to you.
Merry Everything to you and yours from me and this kid. ✨
Photo: @shariandmike

Favourite corners.

She’s finally up and we are well pleased about it. @angeladreimer

When your dear friend is the best baker you know and sends your husband home from the market with literal pounds of baked goods and is also not concerned with you getting gestational diabetes. You are the best of the best, @clairelivia. 💕
There were more cookies but taking iPhone photos is hungry work. So buy her goods to save me from myself.

Shirley is nice tonight.

Feeling really overwhelmed at all of the genuine and heartfelt responses to the news - it means a lot to us.
Here is a photo of us staring moodily off into our futures at my favourite place on earth taken by our pals @shariandmike who are the only ones who have photos of us together as OK and I only take pictures of our cats.

In case anyone needed proof that life is weird, tragic, and hilarious (often all at once)... In the midst of losing Oliver’s father to suicide, we learned we were going to become parents. To say it was a surprise would be something of an understatement. And while I recommend grief and 1st trimester hormones about a -27/10, I can say with some certainty that this probably couldn’t have come at a better time. Is it confusing, exciting, heartbreaking and sometimes downright fucking terrifying? Absolutely. (Shoutout to the people who told me it was okay to feel afraid - you were completely what I needed.) Is it an unexpected glimmer of light during some of the darkest months of our lives? Totally and completely.
I cannot wait to watch OK become a father. I cannot wait to watch him teach a kid to ski. I cannot wait to put my kid on their first horse. I cannot wait to watch and see who they will become.
This is going to be good. ✨

PSA: tequila and Anderson Paak should always be consumed under adult supervision. Trust us.
Photo: @shariandmike

R u even real? Also, Louie, forever creepin’ in the background.

Louie’s interpretation of “how to lap cat”.

A very good mail day indeed. Thank you so much, @midgleygreen - they are perfect!

Start ‘em young.

Bye bye, little house. See you next time.

We’ve reached winter in the Similkameen.

James Alexander Stirling Macdonald. Enlisted at 18. Navigator for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Shot down in the middle of the night in the Alsace. Could see the pilot and one gunner had not survived. Couldn’t see the rear gunner and assumed he had not made it either. Proceeded to walk through the night until he found a barn to sleep in. With the help of the French Underground (farmers and peasants who were putting their lives in danger to help soldiers to safety), he walked to safety in Switzerland but not before being reunited with Mort, the rear gunner, at a farmhouse just before the border. He came home to teach art to university students in British Columbia, New Mexico and Rome and to teach his grandchildren to make pasta.
He hated to talk about the war but when he did, he often spoke of how it was the women who were the main reason the Underground ran “Only ones smart enough to pull it off” he’d say. Every time he told the story it would remind me that people are generally good, even in the middle of a war.

Regrettable purchase.

Unexpected breakfast guests in the back forty this morning.

Happy Birthday, Mum! I love you I love you I love you I love you.
Cinco loves you, too

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