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My husband and his husband and their baby.

This gal showed up at my door tonight from across the country with two extra large pizzas and my favourite trucker mouth and here’s a photo from her wedding because I took no photos tonight because we were too busy making these faces.
Photo: @shariandmike

I will never not love classic whites and greens.

K here’s a stereotypical shot for you.

There were a lot of stereotypical beautiful moments from spending the last four days with my parents - sunsets, shorelines, 10 foot tall Himalayan lilies - but it’s this banal shot of us in their garage that really pulls at my heartstrings. I never really thought that having a kid would make me love my parents 100x more but holy Hannah did it ever.

Thirty three.



You are the Saturday morning pancake maker, baby whisperer, swaddle champion, fixer of leaky pipes and truck engines, macaroni salad aficionado, rap connoisseur, and reason Juniper’s first words will likely be “Come on, Ref!”
You are our whole world. We are so lucky.
Happy Father’s Day, OK.

Rather grand.

It was take yer babe and some take out burgers up the mountain for a car picnic Sunday. Neep loved it. Clearly.

Found myself thinking about this ride this morning. It was just @caldwell.caroline and I in the dunes and we took off across the creek and Deline hadn’t quite figured out the lope and we couldn’t stop laughing and we must have looked mad to anyone who saw us - racing along and howling like fools. One of the very best days. ✨

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