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Classics never go out of style! And today we celebrate one of my favorite fashion icons. She's a vast resource for inspiration and the designer of the “Little Black Dress” -  Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.
For all my fashion lovers - do you know how we came to know her as "Coco" Chanel?

Tell me in the comments if you know.. I'll comment with the answer by Sunday evening. Come back and see if you're right.

A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous
- Coco Chanel and me

I wanted to participate in a challenge today that highlights the creative community and the creative economy. #WeAreTheCreativeEconomy - It asked for me to share what it means to me to be a part of the creative economy...

It's challenging. It's unpredictable. It's rewarding. It's community. It's using our gifts to bring people together. This is why I chose this image - The impact of what I love to do is so much more meaningful when I am in the good company of other creatives.
@swellanchor - I pass the challenge on to you.

People imagine that I love what I do because I am always documenting happy occasions.  They’re right.  But, there’s so much more to it than this…
I love documenting weddings because it brings family and friends together; because I believe in love; because weddings are a vision brought to life.  But most of all, I love documenting weddings because they are another chapter in someone’s story and I am trusted to visually narrate it.
Some of the details I love to capture, that move me, are those where the most sentimental & madly in love couples are speaking to each other without saying a word….

Faith on film

In this world of seemingly fast paced, schedule packed lives and carefully curated social media presences (I did look that one up 😊) , it's sometimes difficult to not give up on sharing the things you love because no one sees you; no one cares.
I need to share a beautiful thing that happened to me yesterday. It was unexpected, genuine, sincere and thoughtful.

In the midst of working on some personal projects and working on preparing new clients for their upcoming engagement sessions and curating wedding day timelines I receive an email and it read like this: "Hi Tessie,
Hope this email finds you well! I’ve been admiring your beautiful wedding images on Instagram for a while. Just thought I would drop you a line to say hi..."
And it went on to share a little bit about what this wonderful woman does and to extend an invitation for me to visit so that she can share with me her love of flowers.
This was a beautiful reminder that someone is looking at what you love; that someone is moved enough by it to take the time to reach out and connect. So my message is this: Keep doing you - it's what you know best 😊And when you see something that moves you, say something. A gesture that is genuine and sincere can make someone's day! Whose day will you make today?

I've been known to stop dead in my tracks when a romantic comedy is playing. Especially when Hugh Grant is in it! I adore the meet-cutes in these movies. What's a "meet-cute" you ask?

A meet-cute is where boy meets girl and sparks fly when they first meet. Sometimes it's amusing; maybe it's charming; or it's simply "cute"! They say art imitates life. So when I'm spending an afternoon with my couples I ask them about their "meet-cute". It's a great way to get them comfortable and capture who they are as a couple. This beautiful couple's meet-cute was fun!

Want to share yours? Double tap and share it in the comments. Bonus points if you know the movie in which I first heard the word meet-cute. Hint: Hugh Grant isn't in this one 😊

It's no secret I love beautiful details. I also love to display my photos - and I'm not just talking on Instagram; Anyone who's been to my home has seen my wall displays. It makes me happy to share some pretty amazing moments of the life I've made with my husband & children and the memories we've brought along from our childhood. Although this is my jam, not everyone wants to display photographs on their wall. So, I found a way to share photographs from your wedding or lifestyle session with this beautiful handcrafted leather folio. Take a look at more details with the link in bio. #leather #folio #tessiereveliotisphotography #fineartphotography #signaturestyle #fineartwedding #nyweddingphotographer #nycphotographer

When you and six of your closest friends get dressed up to go to your wedding... portrait of a groom and his groomsmen. #groom #portrait #mastinlabs #portrait #groom #ctweddingphotographer #fineartweddingphotographer #nyweddings #summer #wedding #groomsmen #designersuit #designershoes #tie

Today was a day dedicated to relaxing. After a quiet morning of catching up on some reading in bed and sipping on the most delicious cup of coffee, off I went to meet up with my gal pals to celebrate a birthday en plein air. Does it get any better?
#sundays #sundayvibes #summer #sundayfunday #wine #outdoors #relaxing #celebrate #girlsday

Can I take the opportunity to introduce myself? I’ve seen new faces here and I want to say two things: Hello & Welcome! My name is Tessie and I'm a photographer who loves creating beautiful images. Most weekends you’ll find me behind my camera, but on the weekends my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and friends. I’d be honored to connect with you, so leave a comment and let me know what you like to do with your free time! Thank you @jessiebarksdalephotography for capturing this moment for me. 😊

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