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Tessa Tadlock  🌙 Boho,modern, laid back & adventurous weddings + elopements🌙 Acaí bowls,☀️& puppy hikes are my obsessions Based in SLO/LA/HI with a gypsy heart!

🌴Yesterday the most carefree lovers threw the best bash with their closest friends & fam after being together for 13yrs!!! Zeroooo stress, so much time hangin w/ their people and the prettiest details to top it off!! Had so much fun capturing it!🌴

✨It’s not the royal wedding but these two getting married today is still gonna be a freakin fairytale! Complete with food trucks and fire pits!! Can not waitttt!!! ✨

🌴HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this unicorn princess doll face lollipop @teganthair!! Without you my hair would be burnt off from trying to learn how to curl it via you tube & id still be using dollar store shampoo, I’d have no eyebrows, 267 more diseases, I’d most likely be stuck on the side of the road, def still single and probably living in isolation, and I’d have zero hobbies or opinions bc I spent my whole childhood copying you. ILYSM 🌴

🌿one of the prettiest “aisles” I’ve ever seen!! Park venues are some of the best🌿

Laurel or Yanny?!? Also if your significant other disagrees should you break up w them?! Luckily Jimmy hears Laurel as well so we’re safe but let this be a place for advice for any couples struggling 🤣

✨Olivia’s first email to me: “To start, your photos are breathtaking. I've always felt somewhat awkward in front of the camera, but your photos seem to capture the genuine love, happiness and emotion of every couple. I feel comfortable just looking through them. That's all I could ask for.” ✨ Who else feels awk in front of the camera?! MEEE!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ but my couples are always up for letting loose & having fun with each other and trusting me when it comes to posing them in a way that gets real emotion and I freakin love that!! ✨

🌜Saturday was filled with: happy tears, the prettiest dress, the most thoughtful gifts between these two, the coolest hand made details, the yummiest sunset, the sweetest clients of all time, personal vows that made everyone emotional, some of my fav dance party shots ever, and just the happiest day there ever was!! I left with a fat smile on my face saying wow I freakin love my job🌛

💫🌄Happy Mother’s Day to all the super women out there!!! 🌄💫

💫They’re not still together after 8 years & raising a baby because it was effortless and always easy - they fought for each other & they’re never going to stop 💫

🌲Who else has a wedding this weekend?! These two are gettin married tomorrow!!!!! Its the start of my wedding season! So far I’ve been shooting mainly elopements! I’m so excited I get to capture all these memories and create some gorgeous portraits for them to stare at forever!! They’re the best combo of laid back, fun and cuteeee!!🌲

🌜Things that make me happy: tropical plants, yellow dresses, the two cutest dentists in the world ^^^ (and about a billion other things) but 🤗🌛

🌿These two just sent me possibly the best email ever created!!! I storied it if you want proof. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a thank you war w my clients bc we both thank you so hard but WOW IM GRATEFUL for clients that go out their way to make me feel so valued after I pour my heart into creating for them!!!🌿🙌🏾

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