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Tessa Tadlock  🌜Adventure weddings & elopements ✖️ Lover of life filled with grace, adventures & puppies🌛 I have a gypsy heart but call the central coast of CA home!


🌴Heading to Oahu today!!! Love when clients bring me to my favorite island!! Excited for the wedding + shoots & the extra days of fun!!🌴

Moment of silence for the perfection of @dreamersandlovers_ gowns🙌🏾

🍃🌿🌲Move your thumbs as fast as possible to the link in my bio b/c thissssss wedding is up!!! Delist details + unrealistically gorgeous bride + a ceremony dripping in greenery + bring the tissues for the many tear worthy moments! 🌲🌿🍃

✨Me: hey @jfinnmedia what should I caption this? Jimmy: "rocks are the comfiest seats when you're w the one you love" .... PTL he's better at films than captions! Can't wait to shoot a wedding in Palm Springs w him today!! ✨
Dreamy 👗 by: @dreamersandlovers_ 💁🏼& 💄 by: @dani.cepeda.hair

🌼Name a couple with cuter smiles... ILL WAIT 🌼

🌲"You made me feel as though I was enough"🌲

🌅The cutest puppy mom / forever friend visited me last weekend and we had so much fun hangin w her & her man + doggy! She was more excited to see my pup than me... and that's something I can respect. 🌅

🌄Me when I visit crazy places like Zion: HOW?? (Kanye face) 🌄 seriously how do places like this exist?! Asking for a friend🌄

🌿☀️"My definition of success will never be another's & that's ok" - @tiarrasorte thanks for the reminder that I don't need anyone else's approval over my dreams & goals & I def don't need to compare them to anyone else's! ☀️🌿

🍭🍧"Holy moly me oh my you're the apple of my eye, girl I never loved one like you"🍧🍭

☀️Just got done running up the dunes for a late morning workout! My 3mo old 12 lb puppy ran them more times than me and @jfinnmedia 😂 happy Friday!!! ☀️

✨"I didn't fall in love with you, I walked into love with you with my eyes wide open choosing to take every step along the way"✨- their vows give me chills

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