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Tessandra Chavez  🏆 Emmy Award Winning 💃🏻 Dance Choreographer ♏️ Scorpio 🐶 Animal Lover 👣 SYTYCD, DWTS, WOD, Etc 📆 Tony@msaagency.com Latest🎨⬇️

I remember the first time I saw this young lady dance when she assisted me in the Intermediate level ballroom at Pulse and I was blown away by her massive talent and strength. I was also so impressed with her natural ability to capture an audience. Fast forward several years when she assisted me in this class at @behindthemovement and I still felt that same magic. You’re one of a kind @jadebug98 and destined for greatness. So nice having you back in class. Shoutout to this genius song by the incredible @theangiestone. #tessandrachoreography #angiestone #wishididntmissyouanymore #jadechynoweth #behindthemovement #dance

So proud of these two @ashley_gonzo @zackeverhart47 and the work we created together @nbcworldofdance. They had a little mishap in their duet tonight (that didn’t happen once in the 30 plus times I saw it and rehearsed it). However what the take away from this is that life isn’t perfect and you can try and control it all you want but it’s truly about what you do in that moment where things don’t go as planned and failure is looming that shows ones true character. These two handled it like pros and pushed through because that’s what they do and that’s what dancers do. They fight and they survive.

Zack and Ashley are two of the most brilliant dancers I’ve worked with. They are relentless in their pursuit of excellence and it’s so inspiring to work with. They’ve helped remind me why I love to create. I believe they were sent to me at a time in my life where I needed it most and they also helped open my eyes to what is next for me on my creative path. I love you both!!!!! #ashleyandzack #wod #tessandrachoreography

So proud of these guys. They’ve put in work and it’s paying off. Such a magical night @unityladance. Thank you @benjischwimmer for gracing us with your mastery and abundance of knowledge in partnering and movement. You are such an inspiration to me and my dancers. You provided so much insight that will permeate for a long time. We are forever grateful. #UNITYLA #BenjiSchwimmer 📷 @kevinfr3y (Bebe knew to pose for that camera lol 🐶)

Pushing dancers past their limits and making them fly is my greatest joy. #nbcworldofdance #ashleyandzack #tessandrachoreography

The time has come to unleash the power within. We are all capable of greatness when we choose to believe in ourselves. Join me this season at @radixdance along with several other incredible artists/master teachers. Swipe to see tour dates. 📷 @robdalyphoto

So much love and respect to Zack for opening up about the loss of his best friend. This was not an easy process for him and I so admire his bravery.
My goal in creating this piece was simply to be the best vessel I could be for Zack to share his story. I believe my gift is best utilized when it’s serving others.
These two (@zackeverhart47 @ashley_gonzo) wholeheartedly love to dance. They work their butts off and do anything and everything that I ask of them. I have such a deep love for them and as much as they think I helped them in this @nbcworldofdance process they equally helped me rediscover my love of choreography. I thank you both for your belief in what I do 🙏🏻 @coldplay, thank you for this genius song that guided the movement of Zack’s story. (Full link in bio) #coldplay #fixyou #wod #nbcworldofdance #ashleyandzack #tessandrachoreography

My two loves @zackeverhart47 @ashley_gonzo just MURDERED my choreography on @nbcworldofdance!!!! Proud is an understatement. #nbcworldofdance #ashleyandzack #tessandrachoreography

Loved having my OG @unityladance babies @nichols14 @kevinfr3y in class today at @themaineventdance. Such a full circle moment this whole experience has been. ❤️ #unityla #tessandrachoreography #themaineventdance

Having a great time here in NYC for @themaineventdance as well as teaching at @danceteachersummit and judging the Ace Awards all while enjoying fun time with my BFF @kevinfr3y ❤️

So proud of this guy @connorgormley_. Anyone who knows me knows I push my dancers hard but especially my assistants. Anyone I mentor knows that my push is because I BELIEVE in their greatness. I’ve believed in this guy since the moment I met him. Here he is dancing my work to a beautiful @hayleywarner__ track. 🎥 @ryanfleming

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