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  🐾❤️⚔️welcome to the anthropocene ✉️:julia.krol@modelwerk.de @modelwerk @wilhelminamodels @women_milano

Efe’s stoked and if you want one for you or your friends’ pets you can get some too. I got a bunch :)) profit goes to saving dogs in Macedonia 🇲🇰❤️🙏 (there are heaps of companies doing this kind of thing online but the profit doesn’t go to rescuing) (@wwgoodies on Facebook)

Post semester plans 🧖🏽‍♀️

Good morning. Clearly setting myself up for failure 🐸

Native explosion I paid too much for here to make some particularly unbearable exam revision kind of ok 🤗🧟‍♀️ #particularlyprocrastinating

Ok 👉 Not ok

Happy bday pt2 squishy boots @larapetrou ❤️

To enlightenment. Happy birthdayS @larapetrou 💘 @anna_boleyna 💘

WANTED: a couple of visas and the dissolution of xenophobia

Beautiful hand made + one-off earrings by @crystaltania_jewelry project ❤️ All profit to saving🐾🐾

Not ready to leave 🐚


Jeffrey T Larson’s Labrador life 💛

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