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Tessa Mythos  ✨Artist. Paintings, drawings, visionary, multi-dimensional, magic, myth, medicine, mystic, nature, evolving dance of Eternal Creation, Love ✨✨✨✨

Two of my favourite beings 🌹🦋#rose #butterfly

Twisted beauty 🌿#tree #love #knoted #beauty

New moon Flower gazing...... 💜#sweet #flowers #rejuvenate #recharge

Working on a spirit portrait of one of my deerest freinds 🌿🌸🌿still in progress but blooming with the spring. Beloved @bubzeeart #oil #painting #roses #beloved #magic #sister

Visiting one of my favourite secret gardens 🌿🐉🌿#garden #lush #blooms

Meeting of the unicorns 🌸#golden #totem

Deep space flower gazin ' 💜

Morpheus 🌹............. dream sweet ♥️

Very pleased to share my new painting ( cropped version) "Ayotl, Water Heart of the Jungle " which was started at Envision festival in Costa Rica earlier this year.
The painting shows a portrayal of the myth of the Water Heart, * Ayotl * combines the words * Alt * meaning water and * Yolotl* that means Heart.
Ayotl is the heart of the jungle according to the Guanacaste People, who's tribal name comes from the word Uanacaitl, meaning the " Trees that have ears ". Water pumps life through all things, through all creatures it is in the veins and is the lifeblood of the jungle, it runs though all beings all plants, all life on earth.
We are just as much a part of the jungle and forest as it is of us, water connects all things, and is the element of the shapeshifter, taking on the shape of its container, The Elemental, Jaguar Shaman, holds water in the hand as it is the most valuable treasure of life, in the other she shows how it is the web of life that binds us- and connects and flows through all things.
Nature has its own delicate senses and systems all intricately woven that merge into bio diverse multiplicity and abundance.
Thank you Andreas ( Indio ) for sharing these names with me of the heart of the jungle as the painting emerged and took on deeper meaning ❤ Grateful for your friendship, presence and art medicine. This is one of my favourite aspects of painting, learning and sharing stories as we journey. Blessed be.
"Ayotl " Water Heart of the Jungle
24" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas
Original and Canvas prints will be available
To see full version visit my fb page Art by Mythos
Thank you.
#Jaguar #Jungle #costarica #envisionfestival #water #heart #shapeshifter #shaman #sacred #visionaryart #psychedelic #intuitive #healing #golden

Awkward camera lady shot, with sweet freinds 🌞🌊🌸

Sunset sails, sweet days 🌊🌞🌊thanks captain Silver 🙏💙

Sunday sailing... drifting 🌊🌞

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