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Tessa Fowler  I have a history of losing my shirt. Los Angeles *MY ONLY ACCOUNT. SOMEONE IS SCAMMING PEOPLE USING MY PHOTOS.. BEWARE*

doing some heavy lifting

i put on these underwear and got a +1UP. now my cat has ten lives 🍄

i like it best doggy style because i can’t stand to see someone else have a good time.

my custom nike’s finally came in. though, i’m still mad that nike didn’t approve the ‘dicks’ and ‘balls’ text i wanted.

are we still doing #wcw ? because mine belongs to this beauty @katiuz_

well well well... what do we have here? and what’s above it with the mouth and the eyes?

tessa ‘party’ fowler

i’ve been in bed all day and my roommate says i need to get off my ass.. am i doing it right?

i’m not drunk.. i just haven’t hit my hangover yet

i hope her ass sits where my nose quits.

land hoe! 🏝⚓️🛥

the neighbors were getting rowdy. either that or someone had a spectacular first kiss

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