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Terrormissu  ♦️♠️Mad Love♥️♣️ Next Cosplays/ Cons: TBA at AN2017 and Unplugged!


Just a reminder that everything will be fine!

Bathtub thoughts: I just wanted to check in! To any and everyone that dms, texts or comments on my pictures, im really sorry I haven't been responding to anything! School has started back up and I just have enough time to sleep to be honest, so my page has been hella slow. Sorry!! I will likely only respond to few people until I get this page up and going again, and I'm not sure when that will be! But I really appreciate and love all of you and I read everything, even if I may not respond! Much love!! 💜🖤

All systems ready for takeoff!
It's a week in and I'm already lowkey worrying about falling behind? I haven't yet but work is so short staffed that they expect me to work more than I told them I'm able... May have to quit my job for a while >.>

🌹Ready to Fly, Babe?🌹
I just found a whole bunch of pics from Anime North AND Con!Bravo that I didn't know where ready yet!! AND THEY ARE AMAZING??? HUGE shout out to @everagestudios for taking all of these!! I'm so sorry I haven't posted any yet! But now I'll spam them all like no tomorrow 😘❤️

I ❤️ Humanity
Gonna do No Game No Life with @almostfamouscosplay soon!! I'm kinda really excited~

IM SO EXCITED! I GOT TO MEET MY LONG TIME COSPLAY IDOL @JESSICANIGRI TODAY!! She was literally the only reason I went to the con today haha~ If you read this girl, you're super sweet, stunningly beautiful and ridiculously talented! I'd go gay for you in a heartbeat ;3 She and @fakenerdboy were so sweet and patient with the whole lineup too 😭😭😭 Jessica even signed my Rakan skull~ I WILL HANG IT UP IMMEDIATELY. I also only managed to take blurry pictures lol but it was so worth it~

Find this power couple at AN! Love y'all~ Can't wait to meet @jessicanigri IM SO EXCITED 😱😱😱

For anyone curious about my latest hair adventure, IT'S FINALLY BLOND~ Also featuring the remnants of my red lipstick, Rest In Peace~ 👻
Shoutout to @linabohne and @almostfamouscosplay for helping me torture my hair again~

Some camping snapshots~ Hope everyone's having a great week <3

🔥"Fire cannot kill a dragon."🔥
I love how the light is in the picture!! Awesome work @alphanumericenzo !

🔥I'm a Rastafarian, Targaryen, I got some dragons and they're very scary-an🔥
First shot from my shoot with @joesgarage.photos!! I really love this one, I look kinda close to @emilia_clarke !
Also we saw @voltageistcosplay in his amazing No Game No Life cosplay on the weekend and he looked awesome? Been binging it since then LOL may do a cosplay with @almostfamouscosplay in the near future cause IT'S SO GOOD👾👾

❄When you brought snacks but D.Va couldn't get her ass off the couch❄
I noticed I took no pics of my Mei haha~ thank god i still have these fun ones from @joesgarage.photos !!

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