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Terrormissu  ♦️♠️Mad Love♥️♣️ Next Cosplays/ Cons: TBA at AN2017 and Unplugged!


❄Come play with me?❄
Yup I think I'll do a Mei themed give away in a bit, with maybe a pool print, Polaroid, a pop figure/plushie and some stuff! Who'd be into that? .
Photo by the fabulous @joesgarage.photos !!

❄You're a life saver!❄
First little sneak peek at the absolutely a-MEI-zing shoot with Joe!! I love every single shot so prepare to get spammed! .
Thinking of doing a Mei themed give away! Who would join?
Photo by the stunningly awesome @joesgarage.photos !!

❤️A Rose for every day I love you❤️
Hot damn what happened to my follower count!! Thank you to everyone that joined the family ❤️ thinking of doing a giveaway soon CAUSE HOLY SHIT IM OVER 3k now?? Love you all!! I still have some Rakan Pics coming in! .
This lovely shot is by @santiagophotography !!

#throwback to when I did a Mei costest! .
Before I run off to work, I have a Beach Mei shoot set up!! So get ready for some a-Mei-zing summer pics!!

I'm doing much better and just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that left comments and talked to me. I don't deserve you guys!! Love you all <3

🍁Happy Canada Day you nerds! 🍁
We're officially 150 years old!! I was stuck at work, but we had a BEAUTIFUL fire work display there! So I honestly don't even mind~ Hope everyone had a AMAZING day, eh?

🌹"Consequences only matter if I don't get away."🌹
So I got my Daenery's wig but it's totally the wrong shade >.< I don't currently have funds to invest into another lacefront wig though so please bear with it for ConBravo! I'll hopefully be able to get a more accurate one eventually!!
Amazing photo by @everagestudios !! Thank you so much <3

Before my Rakan spam begins, #throwbackthursday to my Arkham Harley Quinn!!
Photo by @santiagophotography

Little throwback to our Kill la kill Group last year! Love you nerds <3

🌹"My fellow travelers, you are all about to witness my majestic epicness! ... unless I get killed, but... probably not!"🌹
Is it bad that im pretty proud of my waist in this cosplay? No editing on it I swear!! I just didn't eat for a day or two with constress LOL

About to go to work with a massive migraine and nausea just because phones freak me out enough to not want to call in sick :D
UPDATE: the noise turned out too be too much for me and made me really nauseous. Thank god my work is really nice though and let me go home!
Also I'm going back to being homestuck trash LOL SO HAVE SOME SPIDER QUEEN.

People have been asking me about my newest hair adventure, and it's a beautiful witchy orange-red!! It's hard to pick up the color right at night (since apparently I only ever think to take selfies at night apparently LOL) ALSO SOMEONE WANNA DO A MILITARY!STUCK GROUP WITH ME??

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