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Terri  Lady powerlifter in training, mother of cats, budding wino, and steak fry connoisseur. 💋💞 75kg @openpowerlifting @fightorquitco, code TERRIBOO10

Copenhagen planks can kiss my ass. 🍑😑🖕🏾

Lately, I’ve been doing my #squatcessories the day after #squatday because I haven’t had time during my lunch break to fit everything in. My body doesn’t like this set up, so I’ve got to figure something else out.

But seriously, Copenhagen planks SUCK.

Use code TERRIBOO10 at @fightorquitco

I have great friends. I wanna be strong like them when I grow up. You all were amazing this week. Congratulations to @tinytiff97 and @kristy_hawkins for smashing world records, to @lilslothacorn for holding it down on the platform when I couldn’t, and thank you for keeping my llama-looking butt company, @bossladysparkle! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

@herbietheluvbug, I’m incredibly proud of you for this weekend. My favorite moment was that third bench press — here’s to getting stronger without pain. And thank you for being in my corner when I needed you, without my having to ask. Love you to the moon and back. ♥️

Nothing special, 275x3x8. Felt better without the belt.

I need to adjust my attitude. I’m struggling a bit mentally — just generally feeling down, not good enough, and like I’m not working hard enough in nearly every aspect in my life, but at the same time, I’m so. fucking. tired. I’m trying to remind myself that this is just a depressive episode, I know what caused it, and I know it’s temporary. I just gotta keep on keeping on. #onehundredthousandweeksout

THIS DEADLIFT, THOUGH. 859 lbs for @herbietheluvbug’s third attempt, and the way he stuck with this lift, man ... I’m so happy he had such a great meet. He actually showed emotion (TWICE TODAY!) so I know he’s happy, too. ♥️

He won’t mention it, so I will. Boo placed first in a meet where sleeves and wraps are one category, and he chose to compete in sleeves. That’s pretty awesome. #slingshotrecordbreakers

@zach_trahan: “You look like a homeless person.”
Me: “I’m COZY. I don’t retain heat!”

Also, proof that I’m actually a pint sized nugget: @herbietheluvbug’s sweater makes me look like a hobbit. 🧝🏾‍♀️

Also also, I’m STILL laughing because I was considering doing a USAPL meet and @osm4214 said, “wait, you can still do those?” YES, I CAN, SHAWN, and legally, too! 😤 #thankstho

Deadlifts today, a few days early. 325x8 for the first set, but I ran out of time to do another two sets ... so I combined them (don’t look at the second video, @zach_trahan and @redwiteandjordan ... it’s really TWO sets, not 325x16 👀).

These were tough but I had a great cheering squad — @lil.john40, @mgattrn, some other coworkers ... and that dude creeping in the background. 🤣

It’s #throwbackthursday! Why do I look like Dave Chapelle in this pic, though? 🤣

This one is from 8 years ago, with two people I adore and have been incredible to me.

Here’s a gratuitous underwear selfie just because I can. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’m sitting at 171 lbs consistently at the moment, and I don’t expect it to change much as my training ramps up, if only because I’ve added in more consistent cardio. I’m curious how my body composition will change during this offseason training block, though. 🤨

PS, I promised @fareedaspates I’d get on stage and do a physique competition next October if she does a deadlifting only competition with me. Thaaaat’s going to be interesting. 🤔

I ran out of time for my #squatcessories yesterday so I finished them today. They’re boring, so no video ... but I got this! Last set of good mornings at 185x10 for a nice PR for reps and weight.

Then I promptly passed out because I didn’t eat enough for this. 😅

Got to squat today! Sets of 260x8, followed by a little drop set at 250 because why not? These felt good!

Ignore the hole in my sock. We gonna get strong again, fam. 😂

This is a long overdue post, but thank you for sending me these lifting straps, @forceofhabit2! I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the original ones, and I’ve been very, very satisfied with their quality and comfort. I’m looking forward to trying out this new style — especially now that I’m starting to put a little more weight on the bar!

GUYS! I got to pull over 300lbs today! ...and it felt like the bar. There was no pain, no discomfort, just nice, easy pulling. 💪🏾

Yo, but I’m gonna have to start training at a gym I don’t work at on my off days because I kept getting pulled downstairs to handle business between reps. 😆

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