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terrgalvan  I am a wife to 1⃣, mom to 3⃣, a mother in law to 2⃣. A Grammie to 2️⃣I LOVE my Savior! I am Mormon! 💟


Crushing burdens & tragic losses can nearly overwhelm people at times. To show Christlike compassion, we should comfort those who mourn, helping to lift their heavy hearts. ♥️ #lighttheworld #rhonnadesigns_app #whatcanwedotoday
1- Do you know someone who's recently lost a loved one?
♥️ offer to provide comfort & a listening ear.
2- Do you have a friend who us out of work?
♥️ Help the person polish his/her resume, & connect them with others you know that could use their skills.
3- How can you help someone who is in physical or emotional pain? ♥️ Nothing says "get well soon" like homemade soup, warm bread, & a good book.
These are all suggestions from Mormon.org you can do what works best for you & those around you. Remember- "When ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are in the service of your Lord."

#lighttheworld "Honour thy Father & Mother." I know it is from a few years ago- but I want to share with you today-- one of my very favorite things we did at my daughter's & son in laws reception. We did a grandparents table-- we honored all of the grandparents on both sides- we had a beautiful table placed under a tree. The way it was lit- was truly amazing that night it illuminated the yard & highlighted the table perfectly! I highly suggest doing this if you have a wedding in your near future. 😉 #rhonnadesigns_app

Have you seen this @25daysofchrist I love it!! I ordered the New Testament edition. Each day you read a scripture out of the New Testament & put one of the hand painted ornaments in your hand stamped bag & hang it as hour count down to Christmas🎄DARLING idea! I didnt have any where to put the bags- so I am attaching them to my magnolia wreath on my pantry- it works right ♥️

If you saw my story this am, you saw a glimpse of our ward Christmas party. Our Relief Society organized a ward service project as our party! We assembled 🔟 dressers, put boxes of clothing, cleaning supplies, toiletries & other items together for the House of Refuge. It was an awesome activity! I was truly grateful as I watched a couple sisters as they spent some time with CJ- talking with her- truly caring & loving her- sharing their "living waters"
Is there someone out there that you know that is spiritually thirsty.? #ilovemysavior #serveothers

How can you #lighttheworld click on the link in my bio & find out. Each day we can do small simple things to ease one anothers burdens- this year.. rather than focusing on what you might be receiving for Christmas, focus on what could you give to help those in need. #lightheworld #heisthereasonfortheseason #rhonnadesigns_app

It's beginning... ♥️🎄#itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear

Happy Thanksgiving🦃 #gobbletillyouwobble
Today I am grateful for my Savior first and foremost. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my health, my home, my callings.. So many things we all have to be grateful for! I hope today you can find yourself enjoying your loved ones & being grateful for all the many blessings in your life! #blessedbeyondmeasure #happyday #rhonnadesigns_app

Tonight @cassdonai is launching her baby line - together with her mom @cinnamomma.cinnamon.rolls her twin sister @kelseajonesmakeup & many more they will host a party to celebrate Cassidy's launch. There will be yummy food, shopping, photo booth @cruisinphotobus - braids - and more shopping. Please go & help support her! I love this girl like she is my own daughter!! I am so proud of her! Love you Cass!

I feel so blessed to live so close to the Gilbert Temple. I drive by it probably 6-10 times a week. Each time i drive by i get a renewed hope of my life. I love serving in the temple each week & i love attending the temple - especially with my sweet husband & children. I love the peace i feel as i walk through those doors- i can feel my Saviors love for me. #gilbertaztemple #ilovemysavior #familiesareforever❤

Hey friends, I just wanted to give my friend Natalie @azprinkeys a shout out for helping me get started on Plexus. It's helped her with her thyroid and autoimmune issues and she no longer suffers from extreme fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, migraines or GI issues. I have been taking it also and it has helped me with keeping my sugars balanced, but the biggest thing for me is feeling "gut healthy " I know its kind of weird to talk about our guts- but ever since I have been on Plexus- I have not had any stomach issues! If you are interested in learning more about it- DM me. Happy day of rest!

Birthday wishes for #sloanlucillegalvan today too!! She is 1️⃣ We love this little angel so much!! That smile & the way she wrinkles up her nose, her laugh, her voice, her dimples, her cute chubbiness ❤️ everyone loves miss Sloan! Happiest Birthday baby girl! Grandma & Grandpa love you so much! 🎂🎈💕 #grammielove

Happy Birthday BABE! @vg2zy I hope you are having the best day ever!! I love you to the moon & back! You mean the world🌍 to me & I am so glad I saw you that day on the baseball field at MHS over 32 years ago!! (even though I was supposed to be watching someone else- #winkwink #highschoolsweethearts 😎now go get your self some new sticks!! 🏌️ yep!! 😍 L♥️L

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