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  Fear is not a necessity ✨ Keep pushin

Passion is a connection of both the Mind & body.."DivinE LovE"
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I just dropped a whole new collection of prints on my site for anyone who wants to grab some art from my recent series..limited quantities so once they're sold out that's it! Check out the link in my bio to browse and see what's in stock. All the love and support is greatly appreciated!! 🙏🏾✨🎨🙌🏾⚡️🤙🏾💜(link in bio)

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Happy International woman's day to all the beautiful women across the planet no matter your shape , size color or culture! Here are some of my favorite pieces honoring women and their essence. I love all y'all and am grateful for every woman in my life 👸🏾❤️😊🎨 #internationalwomensday #love #grateful #thankful #beauty #queens #art #painting #beauty #ism #terranceism

I'm sooo thankful for everyone that came out to see the artwork last Friday at my "Edge Of Destiny" show! It was crazy because out of nowhere a blizzard came in and I was super shook that I was going to have to cancel the show..folks power was going out and fire trucks even came because someone got stuck in an elevator so needless to say my nerves were shot lol. Long story short out of nowhere we had a big crowd and I was just amazed by the support and love! I even got to hop in the band and jam for the first time in years. Overall it was a very special night and is probably my favorite artshow I've done to this point. Much more to come this year and be on the look out for prints dropping soon! 🙌🏾✨🎨⚡️👁🙏🏾👑👨🏾‍🎨❤️ #art #artshow #new #paintings #life #grateful #vibes #passion #dedication #blackart #streetart #graffiti #acrylicpainting #style #ism #terranceism

To me I feel like creating a series of art is a totally spiritual experience. Half the time I don't even know exactly how it even comes together but it's all about growth with each one. That's why every time I do an artshow I put my all into it because you never know how your pieces can affect someone else's outlook on things. I appreciate all of the support on the reposts and love , see y'all tomorrow! Also Major s/o to my homegirl @jamisaaa for cooking up this visual with the finesse ✨🎨🎬📽🔥💎⚡️ #edgeofdestiny #artlife #artshow #contemporaryart #blackart #wisdom #growth #streetsrt #film #graffiti #ism #terranceism

I've been so energized by the vibes after our trip to Jamaica recently that when I got home I had to immediately start painting..I was inspired so much by the people and the culture that I wanted to dedicate some work for my new show next Friday to that experience. Much more to come! One love 🙏🏾✨👁🎨💎🔑🗣
#Overstand #EdgeofDestiny #fortherastas #jamaica #gaza #art #artlife #painting #ism #terranceism

There are few moments in life that can be so surreal and magical but getting engaged to the love of your life is definitely one them! Felt like an out of body experience lol but @keyyface has been my rock and my queen and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful soul to be on this planet with! Thank you all for the texts and outpouring of love , also
S/o to my cuz @los.paso for beautifully capturing this moment on the fly! 🙏🏾✨❤️😘💍🙌🏾 #love #engaged #surreal #blessed

January was been such a crazy and surreal month that it really made me sit down and think what direction I want to take my art..2018 already has such a special vibe to it and I want to focus in and take my work to the next level. Throughout everything though my love Keyanna has been a constant in keeping me going and I could honestly paint her a 1000 times but I wanted to try something different with this piece. She has taught me so much about life especially from a woman's point of view which has been truly enlightening. From my limited understanding it seems to take a tremendous amount of will power just to exist in this world as a woman and I wanted to attempt to capture that essence of both beauty and pain in this painting. Even tho it is a portrait of her it is dedicated to all the queens out there holding down their existence with grace! So s/o to you out there! 🙏🏾✨🙌🏾👁🎨👑👸🏾💜
#wce #art #artlife #blackart #queens #love #passion #vibes #acrylicpainting #graffiti #ism #terranceism

Long post ahead and I'm a day late with this post but all I can say is WOW! I got involved with @1villagealliance for their #raisingkings week of events in MLK's honor which is tailored to help young black men and boys find inspiration and gain professional skills to move up in the world with..I designed a community mural project that traveled to some of the events which started with mentoring young men working on it in a detention center and was completed and installed at the Delaware Art Museum. First I made a huge drawing and had the youth help me paint it throughout the week and then at the museum we had over a 100 participants of families who contributed to the mural by writing what MLK meant to them and I was overwhelmed by the incredible responses. We even had US Senator Chris Coons and several news stations stop by to see and add to the piece! The entire experience was deeply rewarding and I feel that art is made to connect us all and remind us how we all can come together for something greater! (Swipe left to see the process) 🙏🏾🙌🏾👑🎨 #mlk #mlkdayofservice #rasingkings #1villagealliance #art #community #love #building #youth #positivevibes #ism #terranceism

Ahh so I had this whole elaborate plot not to post while getting art ready for my first show of the year but after hearing the garbage said by this clown I got so angry I had to drop everything and paint this. I know mad Haitians , Africans and people from all over and to say these countries with incredible cultures are "Shitholes" is totally unacceptable and just another example of the bullshit we kept being fed. I digress tho because it actually felt really good to paint this and get that feeling out because dude really makes me feel hopeless at times. Check out my story tho I painted this in about 3 hours with acrylic paint. All freestyled no sketch and inspired by a mix of graffiti , cubism and the garbage pail kids lol 😡💩🎨😷🖕🏾🗣#dumptrump #twitterfingers #art #expression #graffiti #freestyle #painting #donaldtrump #ism #terranceism

Wow Art Basel 2017 was a special experience! I attended for the first time in 2015 and promised myself that the next time I go that I would be in an art show and I was blessed to have that manifest..Major s/o to @muce305 for the opportunity to display in such an amazing event I was humbled by everyone's love for the work! It's impossible to post about all that went down but I'm just thankful to be alive and able to share my craft with the world..Until next time Miami 🙏🏾🎨✨📶👨🏾‍🎨👑 #artbasel #artlife #muce #ArtofBlackMiami #surreal #nocommission #journey #love #travel #afrosurrealism #ism #terranceism

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